The privacy screen: useful and aesthetic

Living away from prying eyes, marking a break between two properties, this is what motivates buyers of privacy screens, these blackout curtains, natural or synthetic.

No hedge on the horizon to delimit your land from that of the neighbor? A vis-à-vis between buildings really too disturbing?

Whether you live in the country or in the city, a house with a garden or an apartment with a balcony, the privacy screen can be the right solution for maintaining the privacy of your home.

From the canisse to the claustra

Less radical and restrictive than the construction of a concrete wall, this palisade lets light through and can take different forms. We all know the success of artificial hedges. But there is also the canisse. Sometimes natural, made from briar or bamboo, reed or wicker. Sometimes made of synthetic materials, single or double-sided version, it is designed to blend into the landscape decor. What's more, it is often wind resistant. In both cases, its price is very interesting. It can be bought by the meter, in rolls, in several heights to choose from, in garden centers or DIY stores. It can be installed quite easily depending on the place of life: either by fixing it against a fence, with posts for main attachment points, or by pressing it directly against the railing of a balcony, using a specific wire and a pincer.

In search of aesthetics

Choosing an effective screen is quite compatible with the search for aesthetics. The proof. Natural or in PVC, most current products are presented in various colors, sometimes even with printed patterns or designs, representing bucolic or dreamlike landscapes.

There are other models pleasing to the eye, such as trellises, these openwork partitions, available in wood, terracotta or aluminum.

Louis-Cyril Tharaux

Video: SightPro Monitor Privacy Screens - How to Install (June 2021).