9 plants resistant to cold and frost

9 plants resistant to cold and frost

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Brrr, winter brings with it its low temperatures and inclement weather. Not all plants can withstand an atmosphere below 0 ° C. Luckily, there is a wide variety of cold-hardy plants for your garden.

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What is a hardy plant?

On the labels of plants in garden centers or online, you can read hardiness. For example for a Stipa, you will see “Hardiness: -20 ° C”. This is the lowest temperature a plant can withstand. Be careful, however, this is not the outside temperature itself, but the temperature the plant feels. Indeed, if it is -5 ° C outside but the ground is wet and there is wind, the feeling is more around -15 ° C to -20 ° C. Conversely, if your plant is in a pot, against a wall in the sun, it will feel warmer.

This somewhat fuzzy notion therefore requires knowing at least its terrain. If your soil is heavy and waterlogged in winter, it is -5 ° C and the massif is in the shade, then you will need to choose plants that withstand much colder than -5 ° C. If it's fairly well-drained, sheltered from wind and sun, then you can match the hardiness of the label with the temperature outside.

Cold-resistant shrubs


  • Variety: Buxus sempervirens
  • Hardiness: -20 ° C
  • Interest: its small, very dense and aromatic oval leaves
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade, shade
  • Ground : rich, drained, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Easily pruned to form balls, topiaries or linear hedges.

St. John's Wort

  • Variety: Hypericum ‘Hidcote’
  • Hardiness: -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: June-July then September-October
  • Interest: its single flowers of a bright golden yellow, denoting dark glossy foliage
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : light, poor, drained, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Requires very little maintenance and is not demanding on the nature of the soil.


  • Variety: Abelia mosanensis ‘Monia’
  • Hardiness: above -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: april to june
  • Interest: its early tubular white and pink flowering, giving off a remarkable fragrance
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : deep, loose, neutral to acid
  • The little extra? Its orange leaves in the fall.

Perennials that are not afraid of frost

Carpathian bellflower

  • Variety: Campanula carpatica
  • Hardiness: -20 ° C
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Interest: its multitude of small purple to blue flowers in deep cup with a white heart
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : fresh but drained, deep
  • The little extra? Upholstered variety forming flowery cushions.


  • Variety: Aquilegia x 'Blue Star'
  • Hardiness: -20 ° C
  • Flowering period: april to june
  • Interest: its two-tone flowers composed of a lavender blue crown, surrounding a white corolla and a tuft of yellow stamens
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : loose, rich, fresh but drained
  • The little extra? Once installed, columbine does not require maintenance.


  • Variety: Rudbeckia triloba
  • Hardiness: -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: july to october
  • Interest: its solar flowers, somewhat imitating the sunflower but with a prominent heart
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : drained
  • The little extra? Its ideal bushy growth in massif.

Rustic climbers


  • Variety: Wisteria chinensis
  • Hardiness: -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: April May
  • Interest: its long clusters of purple or white hanging flowers
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : light, deep, drained, neutral to acid
  • The little extra? Its knotty and vigorous wood which makes its charm but which requires a solid support.

Winter jasmine

  • Variety: Jasminum nudiflorum
  • Hardiness: -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: december to march
  • Interest: its small, simple, bright yellow flowers that appear before the leaves
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : rich
  • The little extra? Its winter flowering which balances the heart in winter.

Climbing hydrangea

  • Variety: Hydrangea petiolaris ‘Flying Saucer’
  • Hardiness: above -15 ° C
  • Flowering period: June
  • Interest: its large umbels of white, frothy flowers that cover deciduous, dentate and medium green foliage
  • Exhibition: partial shade, shade
  • Ground : deep, loose and fertile
  • The little extra? Ideal for shadow areas!

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