Aromatic plants: ideal for starting a vegetable garden

Aromatic plants: ideal for starting a vegetable garden

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Aromatic plants have become a must for those who like to garden and cook at the same time.

Is it the pleasure of cutting your own chives to decorate your lettuce, its mint to flavor your strawberries or even its basil to enhance the taste of good, fresh tomatoes ...?

Growing aromatic plants is really very simple.

It requires very little space and daily satisfaction is guaranteed!

Where to grow aromatic plants?

  • Almost everywhere, provided there is a minimum light and sun during the day.
  • Be careful, do not have too much exposure to the sun as this could harm the plant.
  • So choose preferably the partial shade in the hottest hours, except for rosemary, thyme and basil.

Find the‘Set of aromatic plants with all the cultivation advice

When to plant aromatic plants?

  • They are found in garden centers almost throughout the year for a indoor plant cultivation, but for balconies and terraces, wait for the end of April where the beginning of may to put them outside.

What maintenance for aromatic plants?

Aromatic plants grow very quickly provided they are follow a few rules.

  • If it is a repotting, choose from potting soil universal, green plants or aromatic plants.

  • In the ground, improve the soil with a special fertilizer for aromatic plants.

  • Water the plants as soon as the soil surface is dry so as to keep the soil moist.

How to multiply my plants?

  • You can perform a seedlings in terrine in March / April or a cuttings during summer.

Are there any recommended combinations?

Not really, it mostly depends on your "aromatic" tastes.

Just be careful not to put in the same planter plants with the same water requirements.

Preserve aromatic plants:

The best way to keep efficiently of aromatic plants is freeze them.

  • Use a small glass jar like a jar of jam.

Drying tends to alter taste and flavor herbs while freezing perfectly maintains the aromas and freshness.

So use your old jars of jam or mustard, chop your herbs and close the box that you will put in the freezer.

You will use them as well several months later which allows you to keep good aromatic herbs throughout the winter.

  • Find the‘Set of aromatic plants with all the cultivation advice

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