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Fishing: for great peaches in the garden

Fishing: for great peaches in the garden

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The peach tree is a wonderful fruit tree that requires some care for a good harvest of peaches.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus Persica vulgaris
Family : Rosaceae
Type: Fruit tree

: 2 to 5 m
Weather : Temperate and hot
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Expired - Flowering : Spring -Harvest : Summer

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Planting, caring for and pruning peach trees are important to prevent disease and ensure good growth.

Peach tree plantation

It is recommended to plant the peach tree in a sunny place sheltered from the prevailing winds.

Once the location is chosen, plant your peach tree in autumn or in spring.

  • Mix potting soil and garden soil to lighten the soil and provide the nutrients necessary for the tree to develop properly.
  • If your soil is clay, add about 1/3 of the sand to your soil and potting mix.
  • Use a mulch to protect it from winter frosts but also to supplement the organic intake and prevent weed growth.

Peach tree pruning and maintenance

The peach tree has a so-called "non-apical" tendency which means that after pruning, it will start again from the base rather than from the top.

Each year it is important to prune your tree at the end of winter above a well formed wood eye.

  • You will ensure that the size is balanced and that there is no central axis but on the contrary a multitude of ramifications.

It is important to practice pruning before the vegetation resumes to stimulate the appearance of beautiful and numerous peaches.

The peach tree is very susceptible to peach tree leaf curl and it is obvious that a good size will give your peach tree vigor and therefore better resistance.

Peach diseases and parasites

The treatment of your peach tree begins at the end of winter or at the very beginning of spring with a first spraying with Bordeaux mixture.

Then, every 15 days, a spray will prevent peach leaf curl and other fungi.

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Varieties of peaches and peach

Among the many varieties of peach, here are some very interesting varieties. If the term better in taste is subjective, they are arguably among the best varieties to grow in our climates.

  • "Springtime": harvest at the end of June, white, to thin out, cut short.
  • "Royal Gold": harvest June 30 - July 15, yellow, clearing well, for the Midi.
  • “Robin”: July 1 - 15, productive, white and sweet flesh.
  • “Redhaven”: July 15 - 20, yellow, light production.
  • “Anita”: July 10 - 20, white, vigorous, with large fruits.
  • “Dixired”: July 20 - August 5, yellow, excellent for the South.
  • "Charles Roux": July 15 - August 15, white, vigorous, very productive.
  • “Redwing”: August 1 - 15, white, tasty, vigorous.
  • “Reine des orchards”: August 25 - September 10, white, for the north of the Loire.
  • “Michelini”: August 25 - September 10, white, late flowering, long pruning.
  • “Sanguine”: September 1 - 15, regular and late production.

The best varieties of smooth peaches, those called nectarines

  • "Fantasia": harvest at the end of August, a tasty nectarine.
  • "Flavor Gold": harvest in mid-July, first quality fruit.
  • “Fuzadole”: harvest August 15, white nectarine, succeeds everywhere.
  • “Gros violet”: end of August, vigorous and fertile nectarine.
  • "Independence": harvest August 10, large yellow nectarine.
  • "Morton": harvest at the end of July - beginning of August, fertile nectarine to be pruned short.
  • “Nectared 4”: harvest August 1 - 15, early, juicy, sweet.
  • “Nectared 6”: harvest at the end of August, one of the best nectarines.
  • “Nectarose”: harvest August 20, very sweet, resistant to monilia.
  • "Olympia": harvest August 15, nectarine, white flesh, fragrant.
  • “Silver Lode”: harvest August 10, white and very sweet nectarine.

To know about peach

Who has never dreamed of going to the garden for their peaches, at the end of a festive meal on the terrace in summer ...?

This dream is within your reach provided you take care of your tree in terms of location, size and fertilization.

You can also treat your peach before the first leaves appear, with a biological acaricide or a mixture of Bordeaux mixture.

  • Magazine: peach and nectarine, summer freshness

Smart tip

Adopt organic products, because they are now very effective and will not contaminate the fruit you taste ...

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