Bulb flowers

Martagon lily: exceptional bulb flower

Martagon lily: exceptional bulb flower

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The martagon lily is a protected and remarkable bulb flower, quite exceptional thanks to its flowering but also to its foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lillium martagon
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Bulbous flower

Height : 50 to 100 cm
: Sunny and partial shade
: Regular to wet

Flowering : June to September

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Botanical lily par excellence, it is one of the exceptional plants that every collector likes to have in their garden.

Planting martagon lily

The martagon lily is native to the mountains and resists cold well, but it is preferable, when planting, to avoid periods of frost.

  • The lily is planted in a bulb from autumn to spring avoiding periods of extreme cold.
  • The bulbs are planted approximately 10-15 cm deep or 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb
  • Respect a spacing of at least 15 cm and make clumps of 4-5 bulbs.
  • For your patio, you can plant it in a pot in the fall.
  • In case of clayey or wet soil, follow our advice to remedy the problem

Maintenance of the martagon lily

The maintenance of Lis Martagon is very easy because no care is really necessary.

It's a plant that stays put year after year and doesn't need to be disturbed….

Simply cut the stalk under the withered flowers.

It is imperative to wait until the foliage is completely wilted before considering cutting it.

To know about the martagon lily

The lily martagon is a protected plant in certain regions of France, especially mountainous such as Savoy, where picking is prohibited in order to preserve it.

Lillium martagon is appreciated for its superb flowering, remarkable for its pink to purple color speckled with purple.

Unmissable flower of the Alps, it grows wild in alpine meadows and meadows.

From the start of summer, the Martagon lily smells of its delicate fragrance sweetish and brightens up gardens and terraces with its superb inflorescences. Its pink and purple flowers with six tepals curl upwards when ripe, leaving beautiful orange stamens hanging down.

Note that the name martagon comes from the Spanish Martago which is the name given to Mars, god of war.

Smart tip about the martagon lily

Add a special organic bulbous fertilizer to make the flowering even more spectacular!

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