Compost: very useful in the garden

Fashion effect or true ecological solution for your plants and your garden?

Compost undoubtedly responds to the strong enthusiasm we know for organic farming and respect for the environment in general, while offering a real alternative to chemicals and fertilizers.

But what is compost really used for?

A real organic fertilizer

Through the decomposition of our own organic wastes, we are able to produce an organic fertilizer worthy of the best solutions to nourish and care for our plants.

Selective sorting, a habit for everyone

Now adopted by most cities, selective sorting has enabled us to learn to sort and select waste according to its origin and destination.

It then became easy to separate the plant and animal waste in order to make your own compost.

The benefits of compost

Making your compost is therefore a ecological gesture which improves plant life and reduces the volume of household waste.

But it's also a big source of economy because compost easily replaces the sometimes expensive fertilizers found on the market.

  • Without further ado, learn how to make your own compost !

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