Stains on arbutus leaves

Also known as Didymosporium arbuticola Zeller, this disease affects strawberry trees

It is characterized by the presence of brown spots with a reddish margin on the leaves.

Source: Al Funk, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Center

Arbutus disease

It is the main disease affecting the strawberry tree, septoria.

This fungus will contaminate the entire foliage.

We first see black dots appear on the leaves, then black, rust or brown spots in the shape of a circle, which eventually turn yellow. This leads to leaf fall.

How to fight against septoria, the main disease of the strawberry tree?


The most effective preventive treatment is to provide your strawberry tree with good growing conditions.

  • A rich and well-drained soil
  • A regular fertilizer application if the soil is too poor
  • Regular watering the first 2 years to facilitate rooting
  • A ventilated space around the strawberry tree to avoid confinement and humidity

At the end of winter, spray Bordeaux mixture 2 to 3 times, 15 days apart.

In a curative way:

As soon as the fungus appears, pick up the falling leaves, burn them or throw them in a place that will not risk contaminating your plants.

There is no natural product capable of eradicating septoria, but once the fungus has appeared, its development can be limited by spraying with Bordeaux mixture. It remains necessary to remove the affected parts beforehand.

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