5 ideas for creating a shaded yard

What is a court?The question may be a smile, but it is important to understand where we are starting from, in order to know where we are going.

According to Larousse, a courtyard is a "open space, surrounded by walls and / or buildings, forming part of a dwelling, [...] ». Create a shaded courtyardtherefore amounts to taking care of a Closed space, most of the time smalland only receiving little light.

All of these constraints may seem difficult to overcome, but thanks to our advices, designing your yard has never been easier.

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1. Decorate the walls of your yard

The first tip to help you arrange your yard in the shade is to consider it as a integral partfrom your home. From there, it is enough to apply certain interior decoration rules to visually modify the volume of the yard. Depending on the painted walls and the color chosen, the room will appear either bigger, is enlarged, is deeper. It's up to you to decide on the desired effect using the tips below:

This effect will surely be your objective: make your yard look bigger. To do this, favor cold colours(blue, green, etc.) clearor pastel. If you do not wish to paint, nothing prevents you in this case from fixing wooden trellisand run there climbers(ivy, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea, etc.).

To give the impression of a wider yard, nothing could be simpler: create a contrast by painting the back wall with a dark color and the adjacent walls with a lighter shade.

Conversely, a light back wall and darker adjoining walls will provide more depth to your heart.

Adept of cocooning, would you like to get the same feeling on the outside? Then opt for beige shades and paint only 2 adjacent walls. You will get amore intimate atmosphere.

2. Arrange the floor

Depending on the use you will make of your yard, the layout of the ground will not be the same:

  • If you just want sit in a garden room, the stability of the floor covering is not very important. If you are a fan of gravel, you can then have the honeycomb slabswhich you will then cover with pebbles. Thanks to the slabs, they will still be less "leaky" when you walk.
  • On the other hand, if you plan to install a table and chairs, the frequent movementsseats will impose a harder surface. Choose slabs (wood or gravel concrete), synthetic turf or even fitted palletsif you are looking for originality. Note that nothing prevents you from combining a stable floor for the furniture, with a more unstable but decorative material for the rest of the yard (such as slate glitter for example).

3. Choose your plants carefully

The choice of plants may seem tricky since you need to find shade plants. However, the selection of plants that prefer darkness to the sun is not reduced. We can cite pell-mell:

  • heather earth plants (camellia, Japanese maple, skimmia, azalea, etc.);
  • the many species of ferns;
  • certain shrubs such as charcoal or Cotoneaster;
  • hostas, bergenias, omphalodes, saxifrage are also perennials that grow very well in the shade and will bring color to your yard.

4. On your marks, get set… plant!

Once your plants have been chosen, they must be plant. With some exceptions, the floor of your yard must be solid and you must then opt for bins(wood or resin), jars(plastic, resin, terracotta), planters, etc. The advantage is that your plants will have the best possible growing conditions, since you can customize the substrate(heather earth or potting soil).
Another asset, you can bring buttons of colorto brighten up the yard and also bring dynamismby multiplying shapesand Heightscontainers.
If the ground in your yard is "bare", then you can create small bedsor from small flower borderson the ground.

5. The final touch to create a courtyard in the shade: the decoration

Here, it will mainly be about "breaking" the darkness and the feeling of tightness in your backyard. There are several possibilities for this:

  • Install light showslike candle holders, string lights, spotlights, hurricane lamps, etc. The choice in garden stores is vast, and you will be spoiled for choice.
  • Arrange some mirrorson the walls to bring a depth effectin your yard thanks to the reflections games.

Create a shaded courtyardno longer has any secrets for you. Now you can let your imagination run wild and create the yard of your dreams.

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