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Cyclamen de Naples: for a beautiful floral carpet

Cyclamen de Naples: for a beautiful floral carpet

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The Naples cyclamen is distinguished from the florists' cyclamen by its attractive late summer bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cyclamen hederifolium
Family : Primulaceae
Type : Bulb

: 10 to 15 cm
Exposure : Partial shade, undergrowth
Ground : Lightweight and well-drained

Flowering : End of summer, fall

Here is the culture of indoor cyclamen, the one we are used to seeing in pots inside our homes.

Plantation of the cyclamen of Naples

Planting Naples cyclamen bulbs:

It is recommended to plant cyclamen bulbs in spring or at the end of summer or even at early fall.

  • Prefer partially shaded spaces such as the underside of a tree or the edge of a house in the east or north
  • Space each bulb 10-20 cm apart and bury them about 5-6 cm deep
  • A little trick is to throw the bulbs by hand at random and plant them where they fell.

It can be used in a pot, in a planter, but also in semi-shaded beds.
In any case, do not cover the bulb only superficially of earth mixed with potting soil.

For the cyclamen purchased already in bloom, make sure that there are buds forming as this is the guarantee of a prolonged flowering.

Naples cyclamen seedlings:

The sowing is quite easy. Just collect the seeds when the capsules open and place them in pots of potting soil.

  • Soak the seeds for several hours in lukewarm water to speed up germination
  • Note that once in the ground, the Naples cyclamen tends to sow itself spontaneously
  • This cyclamen will quickly form a carpet of flowers

Maintenance of the Naples cyclamen

No maintenance is necessary but you can, if you wish, remove faded or yellowed flowers as you go.

  • To do this, remove the entire stem that carries the flower by making a small rotation and pulling sharply
  • Never remove the foliage before it has wilted, otherwise your cyclamen will no longer bloom again

Watering the cyclamen of Naples:

Natural watering by rain should be sufficient except in very hot weather or prolonged drought.

If the summer has been dry and you feel that your cyclamen are struggling to come out, don't hesitate to accompany them with a few waterings.

In order to have a spectacular flowering, add once a week offertilizer for flowering plants.

Diseases of the cyclamen of Naples

The cyclamen leaves wither:

  • It’s like they’ve been burnt. This is too much sun, protect your plants from direct sunlight.

The leaves wither :

  • If your plant looks gray, it is often due to overwatering

The leaves of cyclamen turn yellow prematurely :

  • Bring him some fertilizer, it is undoubtedly linked to a lack of food, especially for potted cyclamen

The flowers lose their shine :

  • If they seem a little pale, remove the wilted flowers as you go and add fertilizer once a week.
  • The bulbs can be renewed every 5 years or so

Smart tip

A contribution oforganic fertilizer regular special "flowering plants" will greatly promote the development of the plant as well as its flowering.

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