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Tomato: benefits and virtues

The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), originally from Mexico, is a very good vegetable for the figure, rich in nutrients and minerals, and ideal for filling up with vitamins! Summer vegetable par excellence but tasted throughout the year, it is full of health benefits and virtues.

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Health benefits and virtues of tomatoes

  • With over 90% water and little sugar, the tomato is one of the least energetic vegetables. It hardly contains more than 15 kcal per 100 g.
  • Rich in nutrients and in minerals, the tomato is a source of vitamin A, of vitamin C and of vitamin E,potassium, calciumandmagnesium but also oftrace elements.
  • Cooked consume, know that it very significantly loses its vitamins C and E.
  • The tomato provides a good amount of vitamin C, essential for strengthening the functions of immune system.
  • It is thanks to the presence of lycopene, a molecule which gives it its red color, which the tomato offers many virtues. This substance would have the capacity to oppose the proliferation of cancer cells. In particular for cancers of the prostate, of colon and breast.
  • Note that this anti-cancer action is most effective when the tomato is eaten cooked.
  • Tomatoes help reduce the risk ofstroke and warns them cardiovascular illnesses. Its frequent consumption would significantly reduce the bad cholesterol.
  • In a diet low calorie, the tomato is a food to be consumed without moderation since it has a very low energy value.
  • Laxative and diuretic, the tomato helps fight against constipation and the urinary tract infections.
  • If you have a fragile digestion, avoid eating the tomato with its skin on, which tends to irritate the digestive system. You can safely consume the juice and the pulp tomato.
  • On the plan cosmetic, the tomato illuminates adull complexion, clean the oily skin and acne, and softenshands.

Growing tomatoes for their benefits

  • The tomato needs Sunto develop and to mature. She appreciates the rich, light and well-drained soils.
  • Growing tomato in a pot is a great idea, and you will get a great yield. Use a planter with a minimum depth of 20 cm, stake the plants and take care to maintain the wet ground.
  • Mix garden soil and potting soil. Do not hesitate to use liquid fertilizer forfertilize regularly.
  • Warning, tomatoes fear too much rain or a very high heat, and they hate environments sweaty. They are then invaded by animals or fungi which make to rot the fruits…
  • Another benefit of the tomato: the strong smelland unique of its leavesrepels wasps and mosquitoes.
  • Vegetable garden: how to grow tomatoes well

Tomatoes in the kitchen for their benefits

We eat the tomato in all countries, usually as a vegetable. It can be eaten cooked or raw, in a salad, in a sauce, in a coulis and in juice (with ripe fruit).

Red or yellow, Heart of beef, gardener's delight or Crimean black, there are more than a dozen varieties, but always choose them of the season !

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