Verbena bonariensis, verbena from Buenos Aires

Verbena bonariensis, verbena from Buenos Aires

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Verbena from Buenos Aires :

Latin name : Verbena bonariensis
Common name : Verbena from Buenos Aires
Family : Verbénaceae
Type : Perennial, cultivated as an annual or biennial

Harbor : Diffuse, upright tuft
Height : 1 m to 1.20 m
Planting density : 4 to 6 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Any type, but well drained

Flowering : From July to October

Her aerial floweringand etherealbrings a touch of lightness to the garden and allows you to garnish a solid base without overloading it. His lack of resistance is largely compensated by his generous natural seedlings.

Discover the verbena from Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires verbena plantation

The Verbena bonariensismust be cultivated at Sunif you want to take advantage of its abundant flowering. It also fears excess water. It will then be necessary to ensure that the soil is sufficiently draining.

Like stonecrop or knapweed, Buenos Aires verbena takes root in all types of soiland therefore suitable for land deemed difficult.

To plant Verbena bonariensis, the easiest is to proceed by sowingfrom March April.

If the seed is too close together, after emergence, clear upat 40 cm distance to allow the feet to develop properly.

Maintenance of Buenos Aires verbena

Once the flowers have faded, cut them off above the foliage to allow new flowering.

If you are growing your Buenos Aires verbena in a container, watch the watering: it should be moderate, but regular.

At the beginning of spring, fold down the stems at the base.

Yes Winter is not too harsh, the plant will start again. Otherwise, the seedlings will take over.


The easiest way is to let the verbena stand reseedof herself. For this, do not cut the stems in autumn.

Allow the seeds to form and spread.

Diseases and pests

The aphidsare particularly active on the verbena of Buenos Aires.

If their number is too great and the plant is likely to suffer, spray a black soap solutionon the foliage.

Employment and association

The best use of Buenos Aires verbena is in massive, isolated or surrounded by other perennials, even grasses:

  • grasses: Deschampsia cespitosa, Chasmanthium latifolium, Miscanthus sinensis;
  • perennials: Coreopsis,Aster, Solidagoelecampane Rudbeckia;
  • shrubs: Kerria japonica, Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’.

You can try the experiment by pot, but for that, it will be necessary to choose it large enough to accommodate the roots and especially to be able to resist the catch in the wind of the large stems.

Smart tip

The Verbena of Buenos Aires is particularly honey, it is ideal to attract bees but also butterflies.

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