October-November: what to plant in the vegetable garden?

What to plant in the fall? A selection of small fruit trees to eat… and artichokes, for a gourmet and decorative vegetable garden at the same time!

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A Rustica Raspberry

The raspberry is planted between November and February, free of frost. This year, we select the Raspberry Rustica distributed by GlobePlanter. Easy to live with, it withstands all kinds of exposure (the sun being ideal) and is resistant to -20 ° C. It flowers from April to May and from August to September. Its growth is fast, its fruits delicious!

Compact (50 cm high and wide) and bushy growth, perfect in urban vegetable gardens (in pots or vegetable patches), the raspberry tree is resistant to diseases and does not require any treatment.

There is only one requirement: prune it short (and every other branch) at the end of winter to obtain raspberries in summer and fall.
For plants in pots, remember to water enough, but not too much!

Price: € 10.60 per 1.5 L jar on

A Yello! BerryBlue® blueberry tree

Vaccinium corymbosum Yello! BerryBlue® Andval 1601 is a brand new variety of particularly sweet large-fruited blueberries (12 to 15 mm), which was presented at the Innovert competition at the Salon du Végétal 2018 in Nantes.

Self-fertile, it is ideal for small gardens (dimension at adult size: from 1 to 1.50 m in height). With its coppery foliage in autumn, then yellow in spring, it is also very decorative.

Choose a sunny exposure to the north of the Loire but partial shade to the south, and sheltered from the winds.

Price: € 19.90 in a 3 L jar, in garden centers, Lisa and GMS.

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Organic fruit trees from France at Botanic

Let's complete this collection of good fruits with a cherry tree, a pear tree, an apple tree and a plum tree! These are available in bare roots and have a 3-year guarantee in the ground:

  • the Bigarreau de la Saint-Jean® cherry tree produces large red-black fruits with a sweet and fragrant flesh. The tree is productive, easy to grow and this variety is self-fertile.
  • The Fertilia Delbar® Delwilmor pear tree has excellent disease tolerance and its firm, juicy fruits can be stored for up to a month after harvest. To pollinate with a Conference, Doyenné du Comice or Williams.
  • the Delbard Jubilé® Delgollune apple tree has crunchy fruits with a sweet and tangy taste, which can be kept for up to 4 months after harvest. To pollinate with a Reine des Reinettes or a Royal Gala.
  • the self-fertile plum plum of Nancy gives small round fruits with tender flesh, very sweet and fragrant. It is a vigorous, productive tree that is particularly suited to cold regions thanks to its good frost resistance. Price: € 37 per unit at Botanic.


A vegetable anyway! Yes, but a decorative, productive and easy to grow vegetable. Our choice: the Cornus de Bretagne mother plant from Nova-Flore, new for 2017, whose production is guaranteed from the first year!

To be planted in autumn in regions with rather mild winters, so preferably south of the Loire.

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Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: Framboisier Rustica 1 and 1bis: © GlobePlanter Myrtille Yello! Berryblue®: © Pépinières Travers Cerises Bigarreau de la Saint Jean-gardel; Mirabelle de Nancy; Poirier Fertilia Delbard- delwilmor and Pommes Delbard Jubile- delgollune: © Botanic Artichaut 1 and 2: © Nova-Flore

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