The 'Green Zebra' tomato: planting and care - Jardiner Malin

The 'Green Zebra' tomato: planting and care - Jardiner Malin

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They sow doubt among gardeners with their green color when ripe. 'Green Zebra' tomatoes bring a little originality to the vegetable garden and flavor to the dishes!

Find out how to grow this charming strain.

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How do you recognize the 'Green Zebra' tomato?

The fruits are round and medium in size, weighing around 90g. As for the plant, it measures around 180cm high when ripe. Tomatoes have smooth skin, their basic color is a green-yellow, enhanced by green stripes. When cut in half, we observe a light green flesh of an acid hue. At the heart, we find a few seeds and juice promising a refreshing tasting.

What does the green zebra variety taste like?

This variety is often referred to as juicy, sweet and sour. It is this balance of flavors that makes it tastefully interesting. It goes well with other plump tomatoes, such as 'Cœur de Bœuf'. It is delicious cooked as a gazpacho, jam, sauce or pie. Of course, don't hesitate to taste it fresh, making a multicolored salad.

How to grow the 'Green Zebra' tomato?

Where to plant the zebra tomato?

This variety appreciates the sun like other tomatoes! In terms of soil, bet on a rich substrate, which will give all the nutrients necessary for the production of the long-awaited fruits. Before planting, consider adding compost.

When to plant the 'Green Zebra'?

If you bought pots in pots, plant them in the ground from mid-April, once the risk of frost has been eliminated. The same goes for sowing in place. Sowing in boxes takes place under shelter from February. As soon as the young seedlings have a few leaves, place them in individual cups. The latter will find their final place from mid-April.

How to plant tomatoes?

  1. Buy seedlings in pots
  2. Plant them in the sun and sheltered from the wind, after the frosts
  3. Respect a space of about 80 cm between each plant.
  4. Take advantage of planting to enrich the soil with compost (if it has not already been done) and put a stake to support the plant

How do you care for 'Green Zebra' tomatoes?

Tomatoes need a substrate that stays fresh but not soggy. That is, it should not be left to dry out between two waterings. In summer, watering every day or every two days is required. If it is raining, of course, no need to water the extra. Apply a layer of mulch to conserve moisture and prevent weed growth. If you are going on a weekend, you can always use an inverted half bottle. Leave its stopper but pierce it. The water will then gradually escape like a drip watering.

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Size and good gestures

Remember to water your plant at the level of the foot and not by sprinkling. Indeed, by wetting the foliage, you run the risk of seeing fungal diseases such as mildew. Also remove any stems that touch the ground, to avoid creating wet areas.

For the size, remember to remove the greedy. These are small stems that grow from the axils of the secondary stems and the main stem.

Harvesting 'Green Zebra' tomatoes

How do you know if it's ripe since it's still green? It is by touch that you will realize the ripeness of the fruit. Once fully ripe, it is flexible under the finger and easily detaches from the peduncle. The harvest takes place between July and October, 4 to 5 months after sowing.

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