Landscape design checklist

Landscape design checklist

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Landscape design planning is an exciting time. One of the most critical components of landscape design planning for homeowners is irrigation planning. From choosing the right placement and type of equipment to establishing how much water your landscape requires — proper irrigation is essential. In the summer in the UAE, it can be degrees centigrade. One way to ensure your landscape is being watered sufficiently is to install an irrigation system. Not only will this ensure it waters your garden on a schedule but it also reduces over-watering, which can cause sick plants and trees.

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Considering these factors before our meeting will effectively guide our garden conversation and ensure a thorough planning process. Thank you! Client Questionnaire check all that apply, please What style of landscaping do you wish to achieve? I like: I dislike: Small children in the house? Structures i. Style of house and neighborhood 2.

Room locations in the house most frequented rooms like living room, kitchen 3. Property lines 4. Location of service lines 5. Location of utilities overhead wires, septic, sewer, gas 6. Snow lines 7. Drip lines 8.

House and property measurements existing site plans? Site Properties 1. North-South exposure 2. Hardiness zone 3. Seasonal sun-shade patterns 4. Existing plant inventory 5. Welcoming site 7. Soil type and conditions ledge? Type and condition of existing gardens 9. Favorite areas in the gardenExisting garden rooms and their function Existing Problem Areas 1. Screening from neighbors needed 2. Foundation screening needed 3. Water problems seasonal wet spots? Steep slopes 5. Wildlife problems 6.

Wind 8. Extreme microclimates deep shade, cold air pockets 9. Plants to be removed, replaced or replantedDue to human development, our natural environments are increasingly under threat, resulting in loss of native plants and habitat, decline in pollinators for our crops and loss of healthy soils, clean air and water.

Unfortunately, our traditional home landscape practices use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, exotic and invasive plants, excess machinery, etc. While I am not a purist in my approach, I prefer to design with native plants over exotic ornamentals like lilacs and peonies , as natives offer nectar, pollen and seed sources as well as an overwintering habitat for our beneficial pollinators and wildlife when managed properly.

They consist of a variety of plants instead of individual plants in isolated, heavily mulched planting islands. I am looking forward to our landscape conversation! Thank you for your time! Client Questionnaire.

Finding a Landscape Gardener: A Checklist

Before tending to your lawn, take a walk on it. Wait until the ground is firm and dry before dethatching, applying topsoil, overseeding, and applying a dose of spring fertilizer. Water your lawn to start germinating the lawn seed and pay attention to the forecast. Thanks to the morning dew and frequent rains, you should only need to water occasionally to keep the soil moist. Even if you cleaned them out in the fall, a second cleanup never hurts once the weather starts to warm up.

If you're planning on giving your backyard a significant makeover is essential when you're creating a detailed landscape design plan.

Landscaping Considerations Checklist

Click here for printable checklist. Cultivating Creativity SinceLandscaping Considerations Checklist. Do you have children or pets that would require a sizable lawn? Or, do your outdoor activities require large, open lawn spaces? Do you enjoy mowing a lawn? How much time would you like to spend on garden maintenance?

Landscape Design Planning Checklist

Just as options for interior finishes have multiplied in the last few years, landscaping materials are also becoming more abundant. With the product diversity available these days, it is hard for homeowners to commit to their choices when designing an outdoor space. This is both a blessing and a curse.This one may seem like a no-brainer, but dirt is a necessary element of any landscaping project.

Seasonal landscape maintenance tasks are extremely critical in keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Client Questionnaire

You want someone who is on the same page as you with regard to the goals for your garden. The following is a checklist of essential characteristics you want in your landscape gardener and not surprisingly, they are skills that all our gardeners excel at. A good landscape gardener will work with your design, knowing the intent the designer had and ensuring it looks better than the day it was installed. They will be able to create a maintenance plan to keep the integrity of the design intact. A lot of designs feature focal points that add interest to your landscape such as ornamental trees or boulders. Without a gardener that understands the design, these elements can get lost in plant material.

Landscaping Materials Checklist With Valley Landscaping

Whitehouse Landscaping has designed many outdoor spaces for our clients over the last 19 years, and our experience can help you determine what is required to build a new landscape or renovate an existing one. Creating an overall landscape plan for your property, even if you know you cannot afford to redo the entire landscape at once, makes sense. Plan your yard as you would ultimately like it to be. That way each project, no matter how small, can be a step towards a yard that meets all of your needs and gets you closer to your overall goal. Think of your yard as another space in your home. Each room in the inside of your room is clearly defined and has a purpose.

This checklist must be completed for the applicant by that consultant and submitted with the Landscape Plans that accompany a Development Application.

Landscape Design Process

An outdoor living space is all about extending your living space to the outdoors. Rather than just having a patio with a table and chairs, an outdoor living space aims to create the convenience of the indoors to the outdoors. Keep this in mind while you are planning your outdoor living area!

Landscape Requirements

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Why wait for your perfect landscape in New Bremen when you can have a space designed for you today? At Gehret Nursery Inc. If you think a makeover is right for your outdoor space? Look over these questions:. Which category does your space fall into?

Spring is just a few weeks away, and our garden center is buzzing with excitement!

Checklist for Renovating Or Planning a New Landscape

At this time, for designs only, you will be looking at a week wait time for completion of a design. Due to overwhelming response, we are booked for the season for landscape installs. It is best to contact us and get your name on a list to have your job looked at should an opening arise or for next year. We do our best to accommodate, but we are weather dependent on getting work done. Thank you! Actually, landscaping can be a solid investment that increases a home's market value.

Lawn-to-Garden Incentive (L2G) Program Project Checklist

It is always important to know your garden's purpose, because how you intend to use it will determine what is designed. This checklist is meant as a guide. Your answers to these questions will be very helpful for both you and your landscape designer What is the main purpose of your garden?

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