My indoor plant has brown tips

My indoor plant has brown tips

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Keep your houseplants happy and healthy! From knowing how often to water to providing the correct amount of light, here are tips to ensure that your indoor plants not only stay alive, but thrive. To learn about a specific type of houseplant, check out our Houseplant Growing Guides. Before you buy a houseplant, make sure your house can provide the amount of light that plant needs. For example, if you buy a cacti, you will need a window that provides bright light or a supplemental light. If the lighting is to its liking, it will soon adjust.

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  • Why Do Peace Lilies Get Brown Leaves and Tips
  • What is causing the brown fronds on my palm plant?
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  • Brown leaf tips on houseplant
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Why are there brown spots on my indoor plants?

Q: I bought a new palm plant, and already it has brown branches. How can I avoid getting brown branches? I have the plant in front of a window. When the sun shines in, it gets the sun. A: Some reasons for browning:. Dry air during the heating season is fairly common. Increase humidity with a humidifier or by adding stone-filled trays beneath the pots and keeping the stones covered with water.

Fertilize only during active growth and as directed on the package. Flush pots occasionally to reduce build up of fertilizer salts. Palms need watering when the surface of the soil is dry. Water until the soil is moist and excess water drains out of the pot.

Allow the soil to dry between waterings, use soil that drains quickly, a container with drain holes and empty excess water from the plant saucer. Keep temperatures above 45 degrees. Palms have some general requirements:. Lady palm Raphis excelsa is an exception. It prefers evenly moist soil.

The Lady palm and the Bamboo palm Chamaedorea seifrizzi erumpens do well in low light. Feed them with a balanced fertilizer, such asCheck leafs and treat problems early. Plant them in any well-drained potting soil. Place plants in an area away from foot traffic and allow them plenty of room.

Renee's Garden www. They offer an interesting mix of flower and vegetable seed, heirloom, open pollinators and hybrids. I also found the Container Kitchen Garden collection with tomatoes, carrots, lettuce chard and basil — all selected for container growing, interesting. High St. New offerings that caught my attention include: Colocasia Black Coral, an elephant ear with jet-black, leathery leaves and blue veins. Borneo Giant Alocasia macrorrhiza is huge, averaging 7 to 10 feet, with leaves up to 5 feet wide.

Cyclamen coum Something Magic is silver green with a bright green tree shape in the center of each leaf. Boreas tree peony with double to semi-double fragrant burgundy flowers sold as 4-year plants in 1-gallon pots.

Tomato Growers Supply Co. Box , Fort Meyers, FL : sells tomato, pepper, tomatillo and eggplant seeds. New tomatoes this year include: Tie-dye VFA hybrid — large bicolor yellow-orange with red splashes with a sweet flavor and Green Doctors — green cherry tomatoes, smaller and sweeter than Green Grape.

Also new: Pot Black — a compact glossy-black eggplant bred for container growing and Orange Blaze hybrid sweet pepper. Tomato Growers offers huge selection of tomatoes and peppers sorted by season and fruit type. Learn about the benefits of mulching, weeding, and feeding. Sue Kittek is a freelance garden writer. Send questions to Garden Keeper at grdnkpr gmail. Box , Allentown, PADo cut off the spent flower stalks, continue to water and move outdoors in the warm weather. Discard spent paperwhites.

Push them back into the soil. Sand and oil wooden handles. Note tools that need replacing and repair damaged ones. Rake, blow or mulch leaves on lawns to prevent mold problems that thrive in matted leaves. Photograph damage for insurance claims and file promptly. They will disappear during deep snows and can be damaged from salt runoff and piled-up snow. While fences are best, individual cages around plants, and taste or scent deterrents, are also helpful.

Why Do Peace Lilies Get Brown Leaves and Tips

You might not think you have a green thumb, but I promise you: Anyone can be a good plant parent.Yes, even if you have a long, storied track record of killing houseplants. The truth is, our plants actually communicate with us, so caring for them isn't always as tricky as it might seem. All you have to do is pay attention to your plants' foliage and soil to make sure your plant is thriving—or to revive it if it's not doing so hot—and what you see will inform your next steps. Yellow leaves can be a sign of a few things, but most commonly, Mast tells House Beautiful that this indicates an issue with overwatering, so you should check to make sure there isn't leftover water in the pot or the saucer underneath. Yellow leaves won't turn green again, Mast notes, so trim any damaged foliage with sharp scissors or pruning shears, wiping the blades with rubbing alcohol between each snip.

In addition, houseplants can be a satisfying hobby and can help purify the air in our Avoid plants with unnaturally spotted, yellow, or brown leaves.

What is causing the brown fronds on my palm plant?

Plant Care Today. Does your peace lily have brown tips? That question is a popular one we receive daily. It usually goes something like the one below from Sandra. Question: I have brown tips on my peace lily plant Spathiphyllum. In fact, many of my plants seem to have or get brown tips. Can you tell me why? Answer: Sandra, your peace lily question or condition is not an unusual one.

How to deal with brown spots on your houseplants

While having the correct light levels and watering properly are two of the most important steps in growing healthy indoor plants, houseplant growers also have to constantly monitor their plants for signs of pests. There are many types of houseplant bugs, and arming yourself with a little information goes a long way toward preventing or eliminating an infestation. Certain houseplants are definitely more prone to pest issues than others, but houseplant bug problems are often prevented by following a few simple steps. Carefully inspect new houseplants for pests before you bring them home from the garden center. Before putting any new houseplants with ones you already have, put it in solitary confinement in a separate room for a few weeks.

If so, this is likely to be because the air in your house or office is too dry for the plants and they are stressed. Our air-conditioned and heated homes and offices make the air dry and most houseplants are from regions of the world where humidity is high.

Brown leaf tips on houseplant

Are your houseplants and you bothered by leaf tip burn? Though it may look like a disease, browning tips of otherwise healthy houseplant leaves indicates one or more of the following:. It needs to be filtered out. To solve the brown leaf tip dilemma, do the following:. Avoid using softened water, as it's high in salts. By this I mean using an organic fertilizer , not a chemical fertilizer, which are notorious for creating brown leaf tips.

Growing Indoor Plants with Success

What causes the tips of houseplants to turn brown and curl up? Sometimes it's not enough light or not enough water. Sometimes too much water etc. I've learned everything about my houseplants on line. People now think I have a green thumb.

The most common reason for yellowing or browning of leaves is over or under-watering. It is vital to provide enough time for the soil to dry between waterings.

5 Common Indoor Plant Problems and How to Fix Them

I have been trying to maintain this plant for over a year. The yellowing leaves, brown leaf tips, cracked split leaves are difficult and discouraging to deal with. I have used Miracle-Gro, reverse osmosis water and replanting — nothing seems to work.

How To Prevent Houseplant Leaves From Turning Brown Around The Edges

My birds of paradise sits by my east window, soil type is well drained. One leaf also has brown and yellow dots around it. Hope you can help. As a side question, how should I prep my birds of paradise soil. Half potting mix, the other orchid mix and perlite? A common problem with Bird of Paradise and almost all indoor plants is the tips of leaves drying out and becoming brown.

There are the dozens of succulents I thought would thrive on my kitchen windowsill, only to wilt, brown and crumple into a heap of dust a few weeks later.

Gardening Help Search. Bottom watering is appropriate for some plants such as African violets, which can be damaged by water on their leaves. To water from the bottom, set the pot in a tray of water and wait for the water to be drawn up and saturate the soil. Then, dispose of any excess. Ordinary tap water, well water, rain water, and snow melt are all okay to use if warmed to room temperature.

Dieffenbachia 'Tropic Honey', developed at the University of Florida. Popular since the Victorian era, dieffenbachia is an attractive, tropical indoor plant.The common name dumb cane refers to the plant's sap, which can cause swelling of the mouth if the leaves or stems are chewed, leaving one unable to speak, or "dumb. Depending on the cultivar, the thick, large leaves are usually some mixture of green, white, and yellow.


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