Xt2 landscape photography

Xt2 landscape photography

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The Carl Zeiss Touit 12mm f2. Trees and milky way by Andres Rodrigo 29 click on Images and you will see what I mean. The Samyang is a f2 though which has its advantage for astro. Please note that we did NOT apply any image corrections here. Has a metal mount.

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Advertisement gone after registration. I recently came back from a trip to south africa with some really disappointing landscape shots from my X-Pro1. Having never really done much landscape stuff, I thought all i had to do to get lovely depth of field was whack the lens up to its maximum aperture and check that the shutter speed was still within safe limits. Turned out not so much, and when i posted about it on the forum I learned about diffraction and also never using the high DR settings unless i want high ISO-a-go-go.

So, I'm about to go to the US and this time thought i'd ask the question upfront. For really epic landscapes with huge depth the kind of thing at the top of this page: Delicate Arch Photo Tips - Arches National Park - Fototripper : 1 Have I got any chance of getting near that with my camera, or is this serious full frame territory? Assuming that light isn't an issue and even if it is, as i'll be taking a tripod for once!

Everything always looks dandy to me on the screen, by the time i get home to check things out on the large monitor it's too late! Really grateful for any tips. It'd be lovely to not come home sad again. Especially as most of the best shots seem to involve getting up at a time i generally consider to be torture, let alone on holiday This might be interesting too: Fuji X Cameras. You need to look up a DOF calculator online and there are phone apps to determine the hyperlocal distance.

This is the focus distance that yields the greatest DOF including infinity. Since the Fuji's have a focus distance indicator in the EVF, pick something in the scene that you think is about that distance and focus on it. Then check the distance scale in the EVF and adjust as necessary. Alternatively, select MF and just focus the lens until you get the desired distance.

ISO , good tripod, 2sec timer and off you go. Now the bad news - hyperlocal distance will work on the 18mm and the 35, but the is going to have a lot less DOF. The trick with telephoto lenses is to choose your DOF band so that the closest thing in the scene that needs to be in focus is in the front of the band and let the stuff at infinity be slightly OOF your eye will forgive a bit of OOF on distant objects.

Alternatively, compose your tele landscape shots to minimize the need for huge DOF. You can't cheat physics. You are often fighting dynamic range with landscape shots, so shooting in raw as opposed to jpg is always helpful.

In raw, the Fuji's have more shadow latitude than highlight latitude, so watch your skies. You can bring up shadows stops at base ISO, but there is only 1 stop at best in the highlights.

Yes, the main thing is to figure out the Hyperfocal distance. If you focus on the Hyperfocal point, you'll get the maximum depth of field for your lens.

My other tip is to try to shoot in the "golden hours. The X-Pro1 can take horrible images in the hands of the pretentious but inexperienced owner. As a true "pro" camera, it does what the photographer tells it to do—assuming the photographer has taken the time to completely understand the camera.

Aren't camera supposed to think for me? There is no reason in the world why the X-Pro1 would not be able to produce equivalent results to your reference. Read and absorb the page. Not only is the shoot very well covered but there is good general information there too.

Gearheads need stuff to flame-war over, but in fact, the level of digital cameras are at an amazing level. Way more important than megapixels or the latest way of reading a sensor is the way a camera feels in your hands. In absolute terms, there is a spread, but what counts is in relative terms to the way you do photography.

To specifics—the 18mm and 35mm can produce superb landscapes. The mm can also do so, but not so obviously.It has the advantage of compressing distance. A distant derelict house with a tree far beyond. Everything else out of focus. Not easily seen by a beginner. The compression can also be very effective when shooting panoramas.

If this is of interest, start practising now. The X-Pro1 has a panoramic mode that can be useful. However, it does take a combination of skill and luck to use with success. I appreciate it for a nominal panorama, but one I really want for a print, I will do with individual exposures to be later stitched.

As the light drops, Fuji gave us back the threaded shutter release. Every cable release over the past half-century works perfectly! As an alternate, using a shutter delay also works fine. On very long exposures such as 30 seconds during a lightning storm, the time it takes for the camera to settle down is too short to register in the exposure.

A tripod is always your friend. Everything else taken care of, dynamic range can still be an issue. I choose the exposure with full detail in the clouds, full detail in the forest and whatever is in between and merge in Adobe Camera RAW.

The result is a. OK so f5. I know that I also have to be realistic, I only have a couple of days in Moab and a shot like that could take weeks of persistence until the right conditions come together and that'd be the day i forgot the right lens, anyway And I appreciate that the best setup in the world won't help if the light is rubbish.

Plus I have the "grumbling partner" handicap, so all in it's very much going to be making the best of a bad job - one day if i'm very very good I might even find myself in an amazing landscape on my own so that I can concentrate purely on getting a shot I actually didn't know about the panorama mode, so i'll look into that and have a play before I leave!

I have a dear friend of mine whose attitude towards photography has been, consistently, ever since there were autofocus cameras, to rely of the camera doing all the thinking. She uses her camera a FF Nikon no less! I told her that her best chance was, ih her case, to rely on the various program modes offered by the camera. They have things like landscape, landscape at night, portrait, portrait at night and so on.

Unlike traditional analog photography, modern digital photography can make a much better use of the ISO. Whereas before we had a film and varying its sensitivity implied different processing and a serious impact on the film rendering. In fact It has been argued that in modern digital photography easy and quick access to the ISO controls is just as important as the shutter or the aperture.

In all honesty Kate, the best that you can do is invest not only in reading the manual but maybe consider taking some courses. In just a few days you will interiorize much more than any book would ever give you and it will be fun. First a general course on general photography and then a specialized one landscape, macro and so on. This might be interesting too: Fuji X Lenses. I generally shoot a full frame system for landscape photography, working from the tripod and the whole nine yards.

But I also use a Fujifilm system for other photography and occasions for landscape stuff, too. On a cropped sensor camera the supposed ideal aperture is likely to be a bit larger than on a full frame camera. Normal and wide angle lenses are a bit more forgiving in this regard, while the telephoto may tend to seem to have narrower depth of field due to its greater magnification.

You are bringing a tripod — very good choice for landscape photography. Do you have a remote release for the camera? That is a better option than relying on the camera's self-timer, and releases are not all that expensive.

Also, do you have a tripod plate for your camera. You really don't want to be screwing the tripods screw head directly into the base of your camera. Trust me on this! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By Canuck57 Started August 4. By luistim Started August 31,By sharkman53 Started SeptemberBy Sammyc Started AprilBy Olaf W. Best aperture and settings for "epic" landscape photography? Share More sharing options Followers 2. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

Goowls camera not working

Posted on May 13, by admin. For the action shots the better AF of the D can be useful, while the D is also well equiped. The image quality of Nikon D 70 is superior to that of Nikon DNikon D 73 performs better than Nikon D 50 in terms of speed.

Hello, I've been looking into both the Lee and the Nisi filters for my fuji xt2. I have the fuji as well as the kit lens. I know that the.

Landscape Photography with the Fuji XT20 and Sony a6300

Offered in raw or textured black powder coat. Compare … This light bar performs very well. Single Row or Double Row. A lot of cheap lightbars are prone to moisture ingress which causes corrosion over time and eventual failure. While we're already used to clams like these in the past, Athlean-X is supposedly special. This LED light bar is as tough as they come, so whether you need it for daily use, or for a midnight raid on a heavily armed drug kingpin, you can rely … XTM 4x4 Accessories. Our favorite model of the Defender is the HD This comparison has been a long time coming; join Unsealed 4X4 as we take a look at the top-performing LED light bars on the market today. Great Whites LED driving lights turn night into day, providing bright, white light to help you see on and off the beaten track.

Photo Tips from my South Africa Photography Tour with Fujifilm

Fuji 4x5 lenses. Fuji claims that the GFXS is only slightly larger than a full frame mirrorless, but that's only half the story. These numbers will get you a … Lenses. All lenses reviewed here covers up to 4x5" format, but movements often are restricted when some lenses are mounted on a 4x5" camera. The Imagon is a design that was developed and produced in the 's while the Fuji is much newer.

This camera is notable for a 24MP sensor, enhanced autofocusing in comparison with the previous model, filming of 4K footage and the ability to shoot up to 11fps. So what are the best lenses for Fuji XT2 to take really gorgerous photos from the first try?

Photography Gear Reviews

Search Products:. Outdoor security drone. The anti-drone scarf is meant to be worn as a hijab. While regulation remains a challenge for outdoor operations such as aerial security and surveillance using drones, technology has advanced enough to enable drone-in-a-box security systems. DJI Mavic Pro is a game-changer for aerial photography. This is what an outdoor security camera should be.

Landscape Histories from the Air : Cambirdge, looking NW

We take the Fujifilm XH1 to the Lake District to put it to the test in this real world review with a landscape photography flavour. It has the same 24mp crop sensor as the XT2 so we know the sensor is capable of capturing some great images. One of the big benefits of mirrorless cameras is they can be smaller and more compact than a DSLR. This in part led to popularity of the XT2, especially amongst landscape photographers because weight and size really matters when hiking in the wilderness. However the bigger size makes it much more comfortable in the hand, especially with the optional battery grip.

These zero turn mowers can handle anything the Australian landscape can throw 1 Example photo only. confidence at Mowers-Online by fuel and propulsion.

My Real World Review the Fuji X-T2 and Why I Switched to the Fuji Platform

Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing. The HP engines have a 3. Command 14 hp.

Simplisafe widget

You should see your face with the filter you selected appearing in … A bobcat was spotted on a trail camera on Indianbrook Court. The dog show inspires many to start training their own pets, in the hopes of achieving even a fraction of the grace and poise displayed by the highly trained mutts on TV. As little-breezes posted you have the camera in time lapse. Video All videos. It's hunched over so you can't see Amazon has temporarily stopped sales of the recently launched Blink XT2 smart camera. Often photographers have to disguise their camera in hilarious 30 years after Chernobyl disaster, camera study captures a wildlife wonderland.

The world's maps in your pocket.

Landscape photography with X-T1, an ex Nikon user opinion

Airthings reddit. We had a subslab depressurization system installed to mitigate Radon in the basement. Image courtesy of Airthings. Pro Video Made Easy. The new View Plus is a monitor that takes care of just about everything in a single monitor, giving the user access to the data live from anywhere in the world.

Fuji Xt2 + 35mm a stunning lightweight landscape system

Tim Parkin. Usability, Water Shedding and Final Scores. Lloyd Edwards chooses one of his favourite images.