Landscaping leveling a yard

Landscaping leveling a yard

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Sloped ground in your backyard may cause water runoff, soil erosion, uneven moisture retention and difficulty when mowing your grass or tilling your flowerbeds. The area at the bottom of the slope is likely to catch water runoff and remain too wet for healthy plant growth. Sloping backyards are often unsuitable for decks, patios and play equipment. Leveling the yard to decrease the slope will remedy many of these problems, allowing your backyard to become an inviting space.

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How to level or terrace a sloping garden

But some drainage problems can create more than just an eyesore. If not properly dealt with, they can cause serious damage to your home and yard. If this is the case for your yard, you may need to consider regrading it. Also referred to as yard or lawn leveling, regrading is the process of leveling out land to allow for the proper drainage of water. Low spots or sloping yards can cause water from rain or irrigation systems to pool or runoff, often toward the home.

You may be looking at your yard and noticing uneven surfaces that have been there as long as you can remember. When a yard is not properly graded, it can wreak havoc on your plants, trees, grass, and worse, your home itself. Water pooling around your home can cause significant damage to its foundation. Cracks or shifting in the foundation can create serious structure problems. Likewise, homeowners who are installing new landscaping, hardscaping or a swimming pool will want to regrade their yard so they can begin the project with a level surface.

For example, the installation of a new lawn with sod requires a level surface to ensure proper growth. First, the contractor will need to find and mark the high point of the yard. This is the point where water begins draining in the wrong direction.

Using these calculations, the contractor will determine the level grade line. Once the measurements are complete, specialized equipment will add topsoil to the low points and level the high points to help create an even surface.

The amount of prep work required ahead of time will have an affect on the amount of money you spend on your regrading project. Before the job can start, the land must be properly surveyed and measured. Pipes and existing drains will need to be located, and the extent of work thoughtfully estimated.

Keep in mind, there may be unforeseen problems or changes that occur along the way. But the more prepared you are from the start, the better off you, and your budget, will be. When working to determine yard regrading costs, you have to consider how much work will need to be done. If your yard has a steep slope, that will require more work to correct. The larger the affected area, the more materials required. The perimeter of the area being regraded will also change the scope of the project and affect the cost.

The amount of time, energy, and money required to finish the project will increase as the work involved increases. When preparing and surveying your land, the contractor will be looking for the location of your sprinkler system and any other pipes, drains , and wires in your yard that could be damaged or pose a safety issue. In some instances, these can be protected or avoided.

In others, they may need to be adjusted or relocated entirely. If this is the case, you could be looking at a fairly significant jump in your overall cost. Any time soil moves, erosion is a concern. Professionals will be able to put plants or man-made braces and retaining walls in place to control erosion and prevent future problems.

The amount of work necessary to do this, however, will add to the total cost of the project. The size of the yard and slope of the ground will most likely be obvious considerations for homeowners. Loose soil is easier to work with and compacted soil, or soil with an abundance of rocks or boulders, is more complicated.

Because of the extra man hours involved, along with the possibility of needing specialized equipment, regrading a rocky yard can have a big impact on the cost. In some cases, yard regrading is done as a preventative measure. In others, some amount of damage has already been done to a home. Be sure to take home repair costs into account when calculating your total yard regrading costs. In most regrading projects, grass will need to be removed in order to level out the ground.Other surrounding flowers, trees, and shrubs could also be affected in the process.

Regrading a yard is not a project that should be done on your own. When a regrading project is done incorrectly, you could be looking at much bigger problems down the road. Contact us a for a free estimate and let us help you get your yard looking its best! What is Regrading? Does your yard need to be regraded? Get an Estimate.

Yard Grading

For gardens with drainage and water logging issues , levelling and grading the lawn can assist in encouraging water flow away from your property, whilst allowing more water to be absorbed into the soil adding needed nutrients. There are a number of ways that your lawn can become bumpy or uneven. Here are some of the main culprits:. From your neighbourhood cats, to pesky foxes looking for food.

As landscape gardeners we get frequent callouts to level uneven gardens. We deal with lumpy, uneven gardens and sloped gardens on a monthly basis. This article.

Lawn Excavation & Grading Services

Our skilled staff will work closely with you to achieve and exceed your expectations of the project! Whether you want a new patio, a new deck, a walkway repaired, or a retaining wall around your home property, we like to get the job done right the first time. Next Level Lawn and Landscape started with two lawn mowers and a truck. Today we send out several trucks daily, providing lawn services ranging from fertilization to high-end landscaping, hardscapes, and retaining walls. As we grow, Next Level Lawn and Landscape is committed to continue serving our clients on a personal level! We hope you'll agree that we have become one of the premier companies in the greater Kansas City Metro area. Next Level Lawn and Landscape specializes in hardscapes and offers a large variety of different options, stones, and styles to fit your unique style. Hardscapes come in all shapes and sizes. From large water features to smaller rock gardens, Next Level Lawn and Landscape does it all. Our hardscape experts repair, restore, and completely rebuild hardscapes that are functional, strong, beautiful, and will last you for years to come.

Proper Grading: A Must before Landscaping or Hardscaping

In addition to the savings you can make by going at this lawn care alone, the other considerations are the difficulty involved and time. While some of the stages described below require a fair amount of manual effort, for any moderately fit person capable of handling a rake and shovel this should not be prohibitive. How long it will take you to complete the job will naturally depend on your own pace, the size of your yard, and just how uneven your lawn is. Grading refers to sloping your yard away from the foundation of your home so any excess water will drain properly and away from your home.

The sand works well to provide drainage, and the compost adds much-needed nutrients to promote grass growth.

Tulsa Grading Services

Not every home on the block has an ideal environment, with the promise of easy to create outdoor recreational and entertainment areas, a great lawn and pristine garden. Many times, it is necessary to undergo a certain amount of time and effort to ensure quality of life for your trees and garden. This will be necessary when you want to plant trees and build any type of construction. The most common type of landscaping issue is the grading of your Richmond yard. Ideally what grading means is to build a slope or a sloping area on your property. These slopes can provide proper drainage of water, can add beauty to your home and make it easier to take care of.

Our History

You landed on this page because you want to know how to grade and level your yard. While having some type of heavy-duty power equipment would make the job a lot quicker, the reality of the situation is not everybody can afford to rent or buy heavy-duty equipment for a job they may only do one time at their current property. Make sure to see the best tillers for breaking new ground that I recommend. Also, two of our favorite tillers can be found below available on Amazon :. Keep in mind that there are many different ways you can go about grading your yard by hand. Landscaping Rake. Flat Head Shovel.

Land grading, also known as yard grading or yard leveling, reshapes the ground's surface. Additional costs for landscape grading.

Grading Services

September 26th, By: Mitchell Knapp Blog. While every property is different, and every client has a unique taste, we see many similar tasks on most of our jobs. More often than not, a new project we take on requires the same initial steps. The best way for clients to get the most out of their property, is by leveling a sloped yard.

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Many homeowners and business owners struggle with properly taming their landscape.The experts at Landwork Contractors have been crafting personalized landscapes in the beautiful Hudson River Valley region for over 16 years. We love turning your dream designs into reality. Two of our best techniques for taming the landscape are grading and leveling. Here are a few of our best tips for how grading and leveling can transform your lawn. From shaping rolling hills to carving out more space, grading and leveling techniques can transform your lopsided lawn into a sanctuary.

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Is your entire lawn or areas of the lawn suffering a sudden identify crisis due to ruts, low spots small hills or ridges, leading to an uneven lawn? Areas of the lawn and even the entire lawn can become uneven over time. This is especially true for older, established lawns. Common sources creating low areas or higher spots include:. Even regularly mowing your turfgrass at too low a height can quickly lead to uneven lawn problems. You end up scalping the turfgrass with the mower blades, damaging the roots, which leads to potential death, root damage and opens the areas up to pests, diseases and loss of soil.

But some drainage problems can create more than just an eyesore. If not properly dealt with, they can cause serious damage to your home and yard. If this is the case for your yard, you may need to consider regrading it. Also referred to as yard or lawn leveling, regrading is the process of leveling out land to allow for the proper drainage of water.