Over at Flammschild’s jālasthāna there is a useful update on some Sanskrit resources available online, including a database of dictionaries being put together by the Gāndhārī Dictionary Project. It is also good to see that Whitney’s Sanskrit Grammar is being made available in Wiki format on Wikisource.

brda_dkrolHere’s one for fellow Tibeto-bibliophiles. Gene Smith of TBRC was recently asked for his pick of the ‘must have’  Tibetan dictionaries. These, I am told, were his ‘top three’:

1) brda dkrol gser gyi me long / btsan lha ngag dbang tshul khrims kyis rtsom sgrig byas pa. — pe cin : mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1997.   isbn 71050223377.  1063 p.

2) mdo sngags kyi gzhung chen mo’i tshig mdzod ris med mkhas pa’i zhal lung / rtsom sgrig pa sgom sde lha rams pa dge bshes thub bstan bsam grub. — delhi : shes rig par khang, 2005.  785 p. (W00EGS1016962)

3) chos rnam kun btus (gangs can rig brgya’i chos kyi rnam grangs mthong tshad kun las btus pa ngo mtshar ‘phrul gyi lde mig chen mo) / nor brang o rgyan gyis bsgrigs. — pe cin : krung go’i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang, 2008. 3 v. 9787802530454.

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