Following on from the last post, here is a fine example of the very latest in Amdo hip-hop, ‘New Generation’ (mi rabs gsar pa) by Green Dragon (g.yu ‘brug):


Tibetan Alphabet

brda_dkrolHere’s one for fellow Tibeto-bibliophiles. Gene Smith of TBRC was recently asked for his pick of the ‘must have’  Tibetan dictionaries. These, I am told, were his ‘top three’:

1) brda dkrol gser gyi me long / btsan lha ngag dbang tshul khrims kyis rtsom sgrig byas pa. — pe cin : mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1997.   isbn 71050223377.  1063 p.

2) mdo sngags kyi gzhung chen mo’i tshig mdzod ris med mkhas pa’i zhal lung / rtsom sgrig pa sgom sde lha rams pa dge bshes thub bstan bsam grub. — delhi : shes rig par khang, 2005.  785 p. (W00EGS1016962)

3) chos rnam kun btus (gangs can rig brgya’i chos kyi rnam grangs mthong tshad kun las btus pa ngo mtshar ‘phrul gyi lde mig chen mo) / nor brang o rgyan gyis bsgrigs. — pe cin : krung go’i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang, 2008. 3 v. 9787802530454.


I have just returned to Nepal from the Translating the Words of the Buddha conference in Bir, India. The proceedings were well documented and posted on the conference’s Facebook page and here. There was also a report in the Bhutanese media, here on Kuensel Online.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting some links and bits & pieces here on this site, especially those falling in the category of ‘tools and resources’, but let’s begin the process by adding the list of participants, with links to their affiliated sites and homepages:

Alexander Berzin: Berzin Archives

John Canti: Padmakara Translation Group

Ane Kunga Chodron: George Washington University / Tsechen Kunchab Ling

Joshua W.C. Cutler: Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center

Cortland J. Dahl: Rime Foundation / Tergar Institute / Dharmachakra Translation

Catherine Dalton: Rangjung Yeshe Institute / Dharmachakra Translation

Jake Dalton: University of California, Berkeley / International Dunhuang Project

Tyler Dewar: Nalandabodhi / Nitartha

Lama Doboom Tulku: Tibet House (India)

Andreas Doctor: Rangjung Yeshe Institute / Dharmachakra Translation

Gyurme Dorje

John Dunne: Emory University / Mind & Life Institute

Wulstan Fletcher: Padmakara Translation Group

Jessie Friedman: Light of Bertosana

Steven Goodman: California Institute of Integral Studies

Khenpo Kalsang Gyaltsen: Tsechen Kunchab Ling

Ani Jinba Palmo (Eugenie De Jong): Shechen Monastery / Khampagar Monastery

Gavin Kilty: Institute of Tibetan Classics

David Kittelstrom: Wisdom Publications

Anne Carolyn Klein: Rice University / Dawn Mountain

Derek Kolleeny: TBRC / Nalanda Translation Committee

Gwenola Le Serrec: Padmakara Translation Group

Jakob Leschly: Siddhartha’s Intent / Khyentse Foundation

Jules Levinson: Light of Berotsana

David Lunsford: Bodhi Foundation

John McRae: Numata Center

Larry Mermelstein: Nalanda Translation Committee / Shambhala Publications

Michele Martin: TBRC / Shambhala Publications

Elizabeth Napper: Tibetan Nuns Project

Joan Nicell: FPMT

Paldor: Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

Ani Lodro Palmo: Yeshe Nyingpo East

Adam Pearcey: Rigpa Shedra / Lotsawa House

Matthieu Ricard: Shechen Monastery / Padmakara / Homepage

Marcia B. Schmidt: Rangjung Yeshe Publications

Peter Skilling: Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation

Gene Smith: Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

D. Phillip Stanley: Naropa University / Nitartha Institute / Tibetan and Himalayan Library /  The Tibetan Buddhist Canonical Collections Catalog Project

Robert Thurman: Tibet House / Columbia University / American Institute of Buddhist Studies / Homepage

Martijn van Beek: University of Aarhus

Jeff Watt: Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation / Sakya Resource Guide

Christian K. Wedemeyer: University of Chicago Divinity School / Homepage

Scott Wellenbach: Nalanda Translation Committee / Nitartha Institute

Thomas Yarnall: Columbia University / American Institute of Buddhist Studies

1760 pages of references to scholarly articles on Tibet. Read more about it and download it from here. And make sure you get the 2008 version of Dan Martin’s awesome Tibskrit too.


Rangjung Yeshe Institute has announced the launch of a new, intensive Translator Training Program, beginning in June 2008.

The program is designed to allow students with no prior knowledge of Tibetan to become oral translators within a 1-year period, capable of serving as interpreters for Tibetan Buddhist teachers. You can read more about the Translator Training Program here.


The site is still in the process of being transferred from its old domain, but in the process there are some new pages appearing, including a first draft of an English-Tibetan glossary of terms related to Christianity, with reference to the Bible translation work done by the famous Tibetan lotsawa, Sonam “Yoseb” Gergan (1885-1946).

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