bsod nams chung ngu chos 'di la//
the tshom za bar yang mi 'gyur//
the tshom za bar tsam zhig gis//
srid pa hrul por byas par 'gyur//
Those with little merit will not
Even wonder about these things.

But merely to entertain doubts

About sams?ra will make it fall apart.

Four Hundred Verses, VIII, 5


bsod nams min par dang por bzlog//

bar du bdag ni bzlog pa dang//

phyi nas lta ba kun bzlog pa//

gang gis shes de mkhas pa yin//

At first, turn away from non-virtue,

In the middle, dispel misconceptions of self,

Finally, go beyond all philosophical views?

One who understands this is wise indeed.

Four Hundred Verses, VIII, 15

dngos po gcig gi lta po gang//
de ni kun gi lta por bshad//
gcig gi stong nyid gang yin pa//
de ni kun gyi stong pa nyid//
Whoever sees the nature of one thing
Is said to see the nature of everything.

For the emptiness of one thing

Is the emptiness of everything.

Four Hundred Verses, VIII, 16