sa'am 'on te mtho ris na/ /

skyes nas la la ma shi ba/ /

'ga' zhig khyod kyis mthong ba'am/ /

thos sam 'on te the tshom za/ /

Have you ever, on earth or in the heavens,

Seen a being who was born but will not die?

Have you ever heard that this had happened?

Or even had suspicions that it might?

Letter of Consolation


drang srong chen po lnga mngon shes/ /

mkha' la rgyang ring 'gro ba yang/ /

gang na 'chi med spyod yul ba'i/ /

gnas der 'gro ba yod ma yin/ /

Great rishis with the five superknowledges,

Can fly far and wide through the sky,

Yet they will never reach a place

Where they might live and never die.

Letter of Consolation