The Four Bardos (bar do bzhi)
1. rang bzhin skye ba'i bar do the natural bardo of this life
2. 'chi kha gnad gcod kyi bar do the painful bardo of dying
3. chos nyid 'od gsal gyi bar do the luminous bardo of dharmata
4. srid pa las kyi bar do the karmic bardo of becoming
The Six Bardos (bar do drug)
The Four Bardos above with the addition of:
5. bsam gtan gyi bar do the bardo of meditation
6. rmi lam gyi bar do the bardo of dreaming

dkar cha white essence
dkar lam whiteness experience
skye gnas birthplace
mngal sgo 'door of the womb', entrance to rebirth (used in Tibetan Book of Living & Dying)
nyer thob near attainment
thim rim stages of dissolution
nag lam blackness experience
nang rtags inner sign
nang dbugs  inner respiration
snang mched thob gsum appearance, increase and attainment
phyi rtags outer sign
'pho ba transference of consciousness
bar do intermediate state, transition, 'between'
dmar cha red essence
dmar lam redness experience
rang snang  display of one's own mind, 'own appearances', 'self-appearances'
srog 'dzin rlung life-supporting wind


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