The Two Aspects of Bodhichitta (zur gnyis/don gnyis)

  1. snying rjes sems can la dmigs pa focusing on sentient beings with compassion
  2. shes rab kyis rdzogs byang la dmigs pa focusing on perfect enlightenment with wisdom

The Three Types of Commitment

  1. rgyal po lta bu 'dod chen gyi sems bskyed the king's way of arousing bodhichitta, with the great wish
  2. mnyan pa lta bu ye shes dam pa'i sems bskyed the boatman's way of arousing bodhichitta, with sacred wisdom
  3. phyug rdzi lta bu dpe med pa'i sems bskyed the shepherd's way of arousing bodhichitta, beyond compare

The Four Immeasurables (tshad med bzhi)

  1. byams pa love, loving kindness
  2. btang snyoms equanimity
  3. snying rje compassion
  4. dga' ba sympathetic joy

The Four Types of Bodhichitta According to the Paths and Levels

  1. mos pas spyod pa'i sems bskyed bodhichitta of aspiring conduct (path of accumulation onwards)
  2. lhag bsam rnam dag gi sems bskyed bodhichitta of pure noble intention (first bhumi onwards)
  3. rnam par smin pa'i sems bskyed bodhichitta of full maturation (eighth bhumi onwards)
  4. sgrib pa spangs pa'i sems bskyed bodhichitta free from all obscurations (at the level of buddhahood)

The Sevenfold Technique of Cause and Effect


The Twenty-Two Similes


Similar to the earth, gold, the moon and fire,

A treasure, jewel-mine and the ocean,

A vajra, mountain, medicine and guide,

A wishing jewel, the sun and a song,

A king, a treasury and a great highway,

An excellent horse and a spring of water,

Sweet-sounding music, a river and a cloud.