Terms from Maitreyanatha's Uttaratantra Shastra

The Seven Vajra Points


1. Buddha sangs rgyas 

2. Dharma chos 

3. Sangha dge ?dun 

4. Disposition, Element khams 

5. Enlightenment byang chub

6. Qualities yon tan

7. Activity phrin las 


1. Buddha ? The Eight Qualities for the Benefit of Self and Other (don gnyis kyi yon tan brgyad)


1. rang don Benefit of Self

2. ?dus ma byas Uncreated, uncompounded

3. lhun grub Spontaneously present

4. so so rang rig Realized through self-awareness

5. gzhan don Benefit of Other

6. mkhyen pa Knowledge

7. brtse ba Compassionate Love

8. nus pa Ability


2. Dharma ? The Eight Qualities of Cessation and the Path (?gog lam gyi yon tan brgyad)


1. ?gog pa Cessation

2. bsam tu med pa Inconceivable

3. gnyis med Non-duality

4. rtog med Non-conceptuality

5. lam Path

6. dag pa Pure

7. gsal ba Clear

8. gnyen po Antidote


3. Sangha ? The Eight Qualities of Awareness and Liberation (rig grol gyi yon tan brgyad)


1. so so rig pa Awareness

2. ji lta Primordial wisdom that knows the nature of things

3. ji snyed Primordial wisdom that knows all that there is

4. nang gi ye shes Inner primordial wisdom

5. grol ba Liberation

6. chags med Free of attachment

7. thogs med Free of obstruction

8. bla med yon tan Unsurpassable qualities


4. The Element/Disposition


The three phases (gnas skabs gsum)


1. ma dag pa Impure

2. ma dag dag pa Partially impure and partially pure

3. shin tu rnam dag Completely pure


The two kinds of potential (rigs nyis)


1. rgyas ?gyur gyi rigs developed potential

2. rang bzhin gnas rigs naturally present potential


Twofold purity (dag pa gnyis ldan)


1. ngo bo ye dag primordially pure

2. glo bur bral dag purified of adventitious stains

gshegs snying bstan pa'i mdo sutras which teach Buddha Nature

de gshegs snying po tathagatagarbha (Skt.)

bde gshegs snying po sugatagarbha (Skt.)

bral ?bras result of elimination

smin ?bras result of maturation

dman sgrib obstruction of inferior states

gzhan stong extrinsic emptiness, ?other emptiness?

rang stong intrinsic emptiness, ?self emptiness?

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