A glossary of terms used by Edward Conze, related especially to the Prajnaparamita, or Perfection of Wisdom

skad cig ma'i sbyor ba single-instantaneous reunion
skye mched bcu gnyis twelve sense fields
khams bco brgyad eighteen elements
rgyun zhugs streamwinner
sgom lam path of development
sgrib pa hindrances
nges 'byed cha mthun aids to penetration
nges 'byed yan lag aids to penetration
ngo bo nyid sku substantial body
mngon shes superknowledges
bsngo ba turning over
ched du bya ba the program
chos sku dharma body
chos mchog supreme mundane dharmas
nyan thos disciple
nyon mongs (Skt. klesha) defilement
snyoms 'jug (Skt. samapatti) attainment
rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba (Skt. pratityasamutpada) conditioned coproduction
stong pa nyid emptiness
thar pa cha mthun aids to emancipation
mthar gyis pa'i sbyor ba gradual reunion
mthong lam the path of vision
de bzhin nyid suchness
gdams ngag instructions
'du byed impulses (as skandha), karma formations (as nidana)
'dus ma byas uneffected
'dod khams plane of sense desire
rnam mkhyen the knowledge of all modes
rnam thar sgo gsum three doors to deliverance
rnam pa modes
rnam rdzogs sbyor ba full understanding of all modes
sprul sku transformation body
'phags pa holy, saints
bar chad med lam unimpeded concentration
byang chub snying po terrace of enlightenment
dbang bcu ten sovereignties
dbang po lnga five dominants, cardinal virtues, faculties
sbyor ba endeavour
dmigs pa the objective supports
rtse mor sbyor ba full understanding at its summit
tshogs equipment
mtshan nyid marks
zag pa outflows
yid byed (Skt. manisikara) acts of mind
ye shes cognitions, gnosis
rigs the lineage or the source of progress, 'clan'
lam shes the knowledge of the paths
log sgrub errors
longs spyod rdzogs sku enjoyment body
sher phyin perfection of wisdom
shes rab wisdom
sems bskyed thought of enlightenment
sa bcu ten stages
so so skye bo common people
srid pa becoming
bsam gtan trance

Edward Conze

Edward Conze was born in London in 1904 and educated in Germany. He gained his Ph.D from Cologne University in 1928, and then studied Indian and European comparative philosophy at the Universities of Bonn and Hamburg. From 1933 until 1960 he lectured in psychology, philosophy and comparative religion at London and Oxford Universities. Between 1963 and 1973 he held a number of academic appointments in England, Germany and the USA, and was also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Lancaster, as well as Vice-President of the Buddhist Society. He died in 1979.

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