rgyu ni bde gshegs snying po ste/ rten ni mi lus rin chen mchog/ rkyen ni dge ba?i bshes gnyen yin/ thabs ni de yi gdams ngag ste/ ?bras bu rdzogs sangs rgyas kyi sku/ ?phrin las rtog med ?gro don mdzad/ /

The cause is the buddha nature. The support is the most precious human body. The circumstance is the spiritual friend. The method consists of his instructions. The result consists of the kayas of perfect buddhahood. The activity is the spontaneous accomplishment of beings? benefit.

Jewel Ornament of Liberation


chos chos bzhin ma spyad na/

chos kyis slar ngan song du 'gro ba'i rgyu byed/ /

Unless you practise Dharma according to the Dharma,

Dharma itself will become the cause of lower rebirth.