A glossary of terms used by the late great Herbert V. Guenther, who specialized in the Dzogchen writings of Longchen Rabjam

kun khyab totalistic (KBEU)

kun tu brtags pa?i ma rig pa unknowing bearing on every thing, proliferatingly fragmenting loss of pure awareness (KBEU)

kun rdzob conventionally accepted reality (KBEU)

kun gzhi stratum of all things

kun gzhi?i rnam shes stratum-bound perceptivity (KBEU)

rkyen contributory cause

skye mched senses? activity spheres

sku structure, existentiality, founding stratum (KBEU), gestalt (LD)

?khrul snang bewilderment appearance

?khrul pa bewilderment, ?having-gone-astray?

dga? ba sympathetic joy                               

dgongs pa intentionality

rgyan adornment (KBEU)

rgyu motive (JOL)

sgyu ma wizardry

nges don real meaning

ngo bo facticity, open-ended facticity

ngo bo nyid factuality

ngo bo nyid kyi sku founding stratum of pure facticity

chos sku founding stratum of meaning (KBEU), meaning-saturated gestalt (SADT)

chos dbyings kyi ye shes atemporal cognitiveness which expresses and is expressed as the continuum of the system?s meaningfulness (SADT)

nyon mongs conflicting emotions (JOL), emotionality

mnyam nyid kyi ye shes identity atemporal cognitiveness (SADT)

ting nge ?dzin holistic experience (KBEU)

gti mug dullness, ?groping in the dark?

btang snyoms equanimity   

rten ?brel Inductive Principle of Functional Relation (CMBT)

rtog pa divisive activity (CMBT)

stong pa open-dimensional (KBEU)

tha mal gyi shes pa primordial knowledge (LUB)

thig le potential creativity

thugs rje value, interpretive responsiveness (KTBEU), resonance (KTBEU)

thub pa puissant (KBEU)

dag snang pure thereness

dad pa confidence (KBEU)

don dam absolutely real reality

drang don assumed meaning (LUB)

dran pa attentive inspection (KBEU)

dran pa nyer bzhag bzhi four applications of attentiveness (KBEU)

dvangs pellucidity

gdangs pure creativity (LUB), outward radiance (KBEU)

bdag nyid gcig pa?i ma rig pa solipsistic loss of pure awareness (KBEU)

bde ba pleasure

mdangs inner glow (KBEU)

?dun pa willingness (KBEU)

gnas lugs real being, reach and range of primordial experience

rnam rtog interpretative concepts

rnal ?byor wholesome communion with Being (KBEU)

snang ba thereness

dpyod pa discursiveness (KBEU)

sprul sku founding stratum of embodiments and bearers of meaning (KBEU), cultural norms gestalt (SADT)

phung po psycho-physical constituents

bag chags traces and dispositions, ingrained tendencies

bya ba grub pa?i ye shes task-accomplished atemporal cognitiveness (SADT)

byang chub sems bskyed activation of the inner potential for limpid clearness and consummate perspicacity (KBEU)

byams pa love

ma rig pa loss of pure awareness (KBEU)

mi rtag pa transitoriness (JOL)

mi rtog pa non-dividedness

me long lta bu?i ye shes quasi-mirroring atemporal cognitiveness (SADT)

rtsa pathways, conductors, flow-patterns, circuits

rtsal creativity (KBEU)

brtson ?grus sustained effort (KBEU)

rdzogs chen absolute completeness

zung ?jug coincidence

?od gsal lucidity (PBBT), sheer lucency

yid conceptualizing intellect, ego

yul sensum, sense-field

ye shes intuitive knowledge (LUB), authentic awareness, pristine cognitiveness (KBEU), pristine and atemporal cognition (LD), atemporal cognitiveness (SADT)

rang bzhin presence, presentational immediacy (KBEU)

rig pa pure awareness (KBEU)

rol pa playfulness (KBEU)

rlung motility, energetic currents

longs spyod rdzogs pa?i sku founding stratum of engagement in a world-horizon (KBEU), scenario gestalt (SADT)

shin sbyang refinement and serenity (KBEU)

shes bzhin cognitive alertness (KBEU)

shes rab analytical appreciative understanding (LUB), discriminating awareness (PBBT), appreciative discrimination (KBEU)

gshis pure being (LUB)

sems nyid Mind [with a capital M], Mind as such

sems pa intentiveness (KBEU)

sems byung mental event

so sor rtog pa?i ye shes individualizing atemporal cognitiveness (SADT)

lhag mthong wider vision (LUB)

lhan cig skyes pa co-nascent, ?conateness? (LUB)

lhan cig skyes pa?i ma rig pa co-emergent unknowing, cognate loss of pure awareness (KBEU)

lhun grub spontaneously given

Herbert V. Guenther was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1917. He studied in Munich and Vienna, and then taught at Vienna University from 1943 to 1950. He then lived and taught in India, at Lucknow University from 1950 to 1958, and the Sanskrit University in Varanasi from 1958 to 1963. He then went to the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, where his students included Leslie Kawamura, Kennard Lipman, Steven Goodman and James Valby. He passed away on 11th March 2006.



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