bden gnyis rnam dbye shes pa dag/ /

thub pa'i bka' la mi rmongs te/ /

de dag ma lus tshogs bsags nas/ /

phun tshogs pha rol 'gro ba nyid/ /

Those who can distinguish between the two truths,

Will not be confused about the Buddha?s Words.

Gathering all the accumulations of merit and wisdom,

They will win perfection and reach the other shore.

Distinguishing the Two Truths, verse 2


skye ba la sogs bkag pa yang/ /

yang dag pa dang mthun nyid bzhed/ /

skye med spros kun zhi ba la/ /

don dam zhes pa'i brda mdzad do/ /

Refutations of origination and so forth,

Are in accordance with reality.

Pacifying all notions of non-origination

Is what we call the ultimate.

Distinguishing the Two Truths, verse 9


snang du 'dra yang don byed dag/ /

nus pa'i phyir dang mi nus phyir/ /

yang dag yang dag ma yin te/ /

kun rdzob kyi na dbye ba'ang byas/ /

According to whether or not

They can function as they appear,

Relative phenomena are divided into

The authentic and the inauthentic.

Distinguishing the Two Truths, verse 12


du mas gcig gi dngos mi byed/ /

du mas du ma byed ma yin/ /

gcig gis du ma'i dngos mi byed/ /

gcig gis gcig byed pa yang min/ /

Several things do not produce just one thing,

And many things do not create a multiplicity.

One thing is not produced by many things.

And from a single thing, a single thing is not produced.

Distinguishing the Two Truths, verse 14