The Seven Points of Mind Training (blo sbyong don bdun)
1. sngon 'gro rten gyi chos sems pa The Prelimaries to Mind Training
2. dngos gzhi byang chub kyi sems sbyong ba The Main Practice of Training the Mind in Bodhichitta
3. rkyen ngan byang chub kyi lam du bsgyur ba Transforming Adversity into the Path of Awakening
4. tshe gcig gi nyams len dril nas bstan pa Applying the Practice Throughout One's Whole Life
5. blo 'byongs pa'i tshad dam rtags The Measure or Signs of Proficiency in Mind Training
6. blo sbyong gi dam tshig The Commitments of Mind Training
7. blo sbyong gi bslab bya The Precepts of Mind Training
The Eight Worldly Concerns ('jig rten chos brgyad)
Feeling elated or dejected when experiencing:
1. rnyed pa gain
2. ma rnyed pa loss
3. snyan pa pleasant words, fame
4. mi snyan pa unpleasant words, notoriety
5. bstod pa praise
6. smad pa blame, criticism
7. bde ba happiness/comfort
8. mi bde ba unhappiness/discomfort

ko long mi sdom Don't be hypersensitive (KM), Do not be ill-tempered (GTJ), Don't be jealous (NTC)
skyid sdug lam 'khyer taking happiness and suffering onto the path
go log misplaced understanding (GTJ)
sgyu guile
sgyu ma'i skyes bu 'child of illusion' (NTC), conjurer of illusions (GTJ), magician
gces 'dzin cherishing
gnyen po antidote, remedy
gtong len 'sending and receiving', 'giving and taking', tonglen
rtsa ba'i ma 'real-life mother' (GTJ), i.e., mother for this life
bzod sran ability to bear suffering, forebearance, endurance
zhen pa bzhi bral parting from the four attachments
gzhung bzang po ma brten Don't be so predictable (NTC), Don't rely on a sense of duty (KM), Do not maintain inappropriate loyalty (GTJ)
yan lag nyams pa injured limbs (NTC), defects (GTJ), shortcomings (KM)
yud boastfulness, expectation of reward
g.yo deceit
log sgrub misguided ways, (in some cases) ingratitude (GTJ)
Key to Abbreviations
GTJ Geshe Thubten Jinpa
KM Ken McLeod
NTC Nalanda Translation Committee

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