'phags yul dpal ldan zla ba dang/ /

bod na rong zom chos bzang gnyis/ /

dgongs pa gcig dang dbyangs gcig gis/ /

ka dag stong pa chen po sgrub/ /

Glorious Candrak?rti in India,

And Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo in Tibet,

Both proclaimed the great emptiness of primordial purity,

One in their intention and with a single voice.

Torch of Certainty


dpyad pa bzang pos ma drangs na/ /

nges shes bzang po ga la skye/ /

nges shes bzang po ma skyes na/ /

sgro 'dogs ngan pa ga la nub/ /

If you don?t begin with thorough analysis,

How will perfect certainty ever arise?

If this noble confidence does not arise,

How will false projections ever cease?

Torch of Certainty


deng sang spyir bden pa bshad na nyan mkhan ni med/ rdzun par bshad na thams cad bden par 'dzin pas/ de sngon su la'ang ma smras/ phran so skye tha mal ba zhig min/ byang chub sems dpa' smon lam gyi dbang gis skye ba blangs pa zhig yin/

These days if you tell the truth noone listens, and if anyone says something false everybody holds it to be true. That is why I have never said this to anyone before: I am not an ordinary being, I am a bodhisattva who took birth intentionally as a result of prayers of aspiration.

Spoken to his attendant Lama Ösel and recorded in his biography