Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava

kye ma bdag la 'chi kha bar do 'char dus 'dir %

kun la chags sems zhen 'dzin spangs byas la %

gdams ngag gsal ba'i lam la ma g.yeng 'jug %

rang rig skye med nam mkha'i dbyings su 'phang %

'dus byas sha khrag lus dang bral la khad %

mi rtag sgyu ma yin par shes par bya %

Now when the bardo of dying dawns upon me,

I will abandon all grasping, yearning, and attachment,

Enter undistracted into clear awareness of the teaching,

And eject my consciousness into the space of unborn Rigpa;

As I leave this compound body of flesh and blood

I will know it to be a transitory illusion.

Root Verses of the Bardos


lta ba nam mkha' bas kyang mtho' na//

las rgyu 'bras bag phye bas kyang zhib//

Although my view is higher than the sky,

My respect for the cause and effect of actions is as fine as grains of flour.


dad pa can gyi gang zag pho mo la//

pad 'byung gang du'ang ma bzhud sgo nyal yod//

For anyone, man or woman, who has faith in me,

I, the Lotus Born, have never departed?I sleep on their threshold.


nga mthong sangs rgyas thams cad mthong//

nga bsgrubs sangs rgyas thams cad 'grub//

nga ni bde gshegs 'dus pa yin//

Seeing me, all the buddhas are seen,

Accomplishing my practice, the practice of all the buddhas is accomplished,

For I am the embodiment of all the sugatas.

The Secret Guide to Accomplishing the Guru (bla ma sgrub pa'i gsang them gnad yig)


gzung ba'i yul gyis ma gos shing//

'dzin pa'i rtogs pas ma slad pas//

rig stong rjen par skyang ba ni//

sangs rgyas kun gyi dgongs pa'o//

Unstained by objective clinging,

Unspoilt by the grasping mind,

Sustaining the naked and empty awareness

Is the wisdom mind of all the buddhas![i]


chos kyi rtsa ba ma gcod sems kyi rtsa ba chod//

sems kyi rtsa ba chod na gcig shes kun grol 'gyur//

sems kyi rtsa ba ma chod kun shes gcig sdug 'gyur//

Do not investigate phenomena: investigate the mind.

If you investigate the mind, you?ll know the one thing which resolves all.

If you don?t investigate the mind, you can know everything but be forever stuck on one.


[i] This verse was spoken by Guru Rinpoche to Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo in a vision. See Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, pp. 855-6.