smra bsam brjod med shes rab pha rol phyin/ /

ma skyes mi 'gag nam mkha'i ngo bo nyid/ /

so so rang rig ye shes spyod yul ba/ /

dus gsum rgyal ba'i yum la phyag 'tshal lo/ /

Beyond words, beyond thought, beyond description, prajñ?paramit?,

Unborn, unceasing, the very essence of space,

Yet it can be experienced as the pure wisdom of our own awareness,

Homage to the mother of the buddhas of the three times!

Praise to Prajñ?paramit?[i]


las kyi 'bras bu lci gang dang/ /

nye ba gang dang goms pa gang/ /

sngar byas gang yin de dag las/ /

'bras bu thog mar smin par 'gyur/ /

Whichever actions carry the heaviest effect,

Whichever are done closest to death or are most habitual,

And those which were committed earliest--

These will be the first to ripen.

[i]  This verse is usually attributed to the master called R?hulabhadra, who wrote a Praise of the Prajñ?paramit?, and sometimes even to the Buddha?s son R?hula, but it has also been attributed to N?g?rjuna. R?hulabhadra is sometimes identified with the mah?siddha Saraha.