Sakya Pandita
Quotations Series

blun po phyag rgya che bsgom pa/ /

phal cher dud 'gro'i rgyu ru gsungs/ /

When fools meditate on Mah?mudr?

It generally becomes a cause for the animal realm, it is taught.

Clear Differentiation of the Three Sets of Vows, 161


rig pa nangs par 'chi yang bslab/ /

tshe 'dir mkhas par ma gyur kyang/ /

skye ba phyi mar bcol ba yi/ /

nor la rang nyid len pa 'dra/ /

Even if you must die tomorrow, study today.

Though you may not become a sage in this life,

Your knowledge will be preserved for the future

Just like wealth deposited and then reclaimed.

The Precious Treasury of Elegant Sayings, 7


dbang shes lkugs pa mig can 'dra/ /

rtog pa long ba smra mkhas 'dra/ /

rang rig dbang po tshang ba yis/ /

gnyis po de yi brda sprod byed/ /

The sense consciousnesses are like a dumb person who can see.

And conceptual mind is like a blind person who can talk.

Self-cognition is like someone with all the senses complete,

Who facilitates communication between the other two.

The Treasury of Valid Reasoning, chapter 4


pha rol phyin pa'i spros bral las/ /

lhag pa'i lta ba yod na ni/ /

lta de spros pa can du 'gyur/ /

spros bral yin na khyad par med/ /

If there were a view higher than the non-elaboration

Of the transcendental perfection of wisdom,

It would be a view with conceptual elaboration.

If it were without elaboration, there would be no difference.


thog mar shes bya kun la mkhas par sbyangs/ /

bar du mkhas pa'i tshogs la legs par bshad/ /

tha ma 'dris pa'i tshogs la brtson pas bsgom/ /

dus gsum rgyal ba kun gyi bzhed gzhung yin/ /

First, become well versed in all fields of knowledge,

Later, discourse eloquently before learned gatherings,

Finally, meditate diligently on all that you have learnt?

This is the approach of all the buddhas of the three times.