don dam lhan cig skyes pa'i ye shes ni/ /

tshogs bsags sgrib pa dag pa'i lag rjes dang/ /

rtogs ldan bla ma'i byin rlabs kho na las/ /

thabs gzhan bsten pa rmongs par shes par bya/ /

Ultimate co-emergent wisdom can only come

From gathering accumulations and purifying obscurations,

And through the blessings of a realized master?

You should know that it?s foolish to rely on any other method.

Treasury of Doh?s[1]


dnogs por 'dzin pa phyugs dang 'dra/ /
dngos med 'dzin pa de bas blun/ /
The belief that things are real is common to cattle,
The belief that they are unreal is even more foolish.

[1] Usually attributed to Saraha, although Tsele Natsok Rangdrol says it is from the Pacifying Tantra (zhi byed kyi rgyud). See Empowerment and the Path of Liberation, p. 45