bdag dang gzhan smras dngos 'di dag/ /

yang dag tu ni gcig pa dang/ /

du ma'i rang bzhin bral ba'i phyir/ /

rnag bzhin med de gzugs brnyan bzhin/ /

These entities spoken of by ourselves and others

Are in reality devoid of any intrinsic nature,

Because they possess neither a nature as one

Nor as many, and are just like reflections.

Ornament of the Middle Way, verse 1


tshul gnyis shing rta zhon nas su/ /

rigs pa'i srab skyogs 'ju byed pa/ /

de dag de phyir ji bzhin don/ /

theg pa chen po pa nyid 'thob/ /

Those who ride the chariot of the two approaches,

And grasp the reins of logical reasoning,
Will therefore in the truest sense be called

Followers of the greater vehicle.

Ornament of the Middle Way, verse 93