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Tantra Quotations


sems can rnams ni sangs rgyas nyid/ /

'on kyang glo bur drin mas bsgribs/ /

dri ma de bsal sangs rgyas dngos/ /

All beings are buddhas

But this is concealed by adventitious stains.

When their stains are purified, their buddhahood is revealed.

Hevajra Tantra

lo rgyus don gyis ma bshad na/ /

gsang chen nges pa'i bka' 'di la/ /

yid mi ches pa'i skyon du 'gyur/ /

If you do not recount the history

Of the supremely secret definitive teachings,

People may not trust their authenticity.

Tantra of the Union of the Sun and Moon

don gcig na yang ma rmongs dang/ /

thabs mang dka' ba med pa dang/ /

dbang po rnon po'i dbang byas pas/ /

sngags kyi theg pa khyad par 'phags/ /

It has the same goal but is free from all confusion,

It is rich in methods and without difficulties.

It is for those with sharp faculties.

The mantra vehicle is especially sublime.

The Torch of the Three Methods

chos rnams thams cad rkyen bzhin te/ /

'dun pa'i rtse la rab tu gnas/ /

gang gis smon lam ci btab pa/ /

de 'dra'i 'bras bu thob par 'gyur/ /

Everything is circumstantial

And depends entirely on our aspiration.

Whatever prayers of aspiration we make

The results wewill gain accordingly.

Teaching on the Qualities of Maju?r??s Pure Land

rtog pa thams cad legs par bsdus nas ni/ /

shin tu bsam pa bzang dang ldan pas nyon/ /

brjed ngas blo la rdo rje sems dpa' sogs/ /

dus gsum rgyal ba rnams kyis byin mi rlobs/ /

Gather together all your thoughts in the proper way,

And listen with an exceptionally pure motivation.

A forgetful mind will receive no blessings

From Vajrasattva and the other buddhas of the three times.

Vajra Pinnacle Tantra

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