kha byang entrance certificate (Aris), general (prophetic) guide (Thondup), preliminary treasure guide (Doctor)

khrom gter crowd treasure (Aris), publicly discovered terma (Thondup)

mkha? ?gro brda yig dakini script

dgongs gter mind terma

nying byang innermost prophetic guide (Thondup)

gter grogs terma companion, consort

gter sgrub preparatory practices (Thondup)

gter sgrom treasure casket

gter ston treasure revealer

gter tshab substitute for terma

gter rdzas terma objects

gter lung prophetic terma text (Thondup)

gter srung terma protectors

them byang (also thems byang, them yig, or thems yig) registry, inventory list

dag snang pure vision

byang bu preceding prophetic inventory (Doctor)

yang gter rediscovered terma

yang byang inner prophetic guide (Thondup)

shog ser yellow scrolls

sa gter earth terma

gsang gter secretly discovered terma (Thondup)

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