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Robert Thurman Terms

A glossary of terms used by the well-known buddhist scholar Professor Robert Thurman

skye mched sense media (V)

gang zag gi bdag personal self (CPT)

grub mtha? theory, philosophy (CPT)

glo bur ba coincidental (CPT)

dgongs pa implication, intimation, intention (CPT)

dgra bcom pa saint (V)

rgyal ba Victor

sgra spyi verbal generality (CPT)

sgrib pa obscurations (V), blocks

nges don definitive meaning (CPT)

dngos por smra ba Realist (CPT)

mngon mtho ascendance, ascendant status (CPT)

mngon shes superknowledge (V)

chos kyi bdag objective self (CPT)

chos kyi dbyings ultimate realm (V)

chos sku Absolute Body (CPT)

chos can nature-possessor (CPT)

chos nyid noumenon

?jig lta futile view (CPT)

rjes thob aftermath

nyer len gyi phung po compulsive aggregates (V)

nyon sgrib addictive obscuration (CPT)

nyon mongs passions (V), addictions (CPT)

nyon yid addictive mentality (CPT)

snyigs ma lnga five corruptions (V)

ting nge ?dzin concentration

rten cing ?brel ba ?byung ba relativity (V), relativistic origination

rtog pa constructive thought (CPT)

theg dman Individual Vehicle

theg chen Universal Vehicle

mthar ?dzin extremism, extremist habit (CPT)

dus kyi ?khor lo Wheel of Time, ?Time Machine? Buddha

de kho na nyid immanent reality (CPT)

don dam ultimate

don spyi objective generality (CPT)

drang don interpretable meaning

bdag ?dzin self-habit (CPT)

bden ?dzin truth-habit (CPT)

mdo sde pa Traditionalist (CPT)

?du byed motivation (V), creation (CPT)

?du shes intellect (V)

rdo rje gzegs ma diamond smithereen (CPT)

ldan min ?du byed anomalous creation (CPT)

ldog pa differential (CPT)

sde snod gsum three baskets

rnal ?byor spyod pa Experientialist (CPT)

snang yul perceptual object (CPT)

dpyad sgom analytic meditation (CPT)

sprul sku Emanation Body (CPT)

spros pa fabrication (CPT)

pha rol tu phyin pa drug six transcendences (V)

?phags pa holy (CPT)

?pho ba soul ejection

bag chags instinct (V)

bar do between

byang chub kyi sems spirit of enlightenment

byang sdom messianic vows

byis pa nave (CPT)

bye brag smra ba Analyst (CPT)

bla ma mentor

dbang initiation

dbu ma Central Way (CPT)

dbu ma pa Centrist (CPT)

ma rig pa misknowledge (CPT)

med dgag absolute negation (CPT)

?dzin stangs habit-pattern, posture, habitual notion (CPT)

zhi gnas (mental) quiescence, trance (V)

zhen pa conviction (CPT)

zung ?jug communion

gzugs matter (as one of five aggregates) (V)

gzungs spell

bzod pa tolerance

ye shes gnosis (V), intuition (CPT)

yod mtha? absolutist extreme (CPT)

rags pa approximate

rang gi mtshan nyid distinctive characteristic, identity (CPT)

rang dga? ba unreflective

rang rgyud pa Dogmaticist (CPT)

rang mtshan gyis grub pa intrinsically identifiable status (CPT)

rang bzhin gyis rgub pa intrinsic reality-status (CPT)

rang rig apperceptive self-consciousness (CPT)

rig pa intelligence

rigs (spiritual) gene (CPT)

longs sku beatific body

shing rta chen po champion (CPT)

shes bya?i sgrib pa cognitive obscuration (CPT)

sems tsam pa Idealist (CPT)

so so skye bo common individual (CPT)

bsam gtan contemplation

bslab pa gsum three educations

lha min titan

lhag mthong analytic insight (CPT), transcendental analysis (V), transcendent insight

lhan skyes natural, unconscious, instinctual (CPT)

Robert Thurman

Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman (born August 4, 1941 in New York City) is an American Buddhist writer and academic. He is the Je Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University. He also is the co-founder and president of Tibet House New York and currently holds the first endowed chair in this field of study in the United States. He is the father of five children including the actress Uma Thurman.

Dr. Thurman is highly-regarded for his lucid, dynamic translations and explanations of Buddhist religious and philosophical material, particularly that pertaining to the Gelukpa (dge-lugs-pa) school of Tibetan Buddhism and its founder, Je Tsong Khapa including Tsong Khapa's Speech of Gold: Reason and Enlightenment in the Central Philosophy of Tibet, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Essential Tibetan Buddhism, and his most recent, Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness.

At the age of 24, he became the first Western monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. A close friend of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, he has served as occasional translator to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He has lectured all over the world.

The Translations and Writings of Robert Thurman

The Central Philosophy of Tibet: A Study and Translation of Jey Tsong Khapa?s Essence of True Eloquence, Princeton University Press, 1984

The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1994

Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet, H. Abrams, 1996

Tibetan Buddhism, HarperSanFrancisco, 1996

Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment, Shambhala Publications, 1997

Worlds of Transformation: Tibetan Art of Wisdom and Compassion, Harry N. Abrams, 1999

Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness, Penguin, 1999

Circling the Sacred Mountain: A Spiritual Adventure Through the Himalayas, co-authored with Tad Wise, Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1999

Infinite Life: Seven Virtues for Living Well, Riverhead Books, 2004

The Jewel Tree of Tibet: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism, Free Press, Simon Schuster, 2005

Anger, Oxford University Press, 2005

The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti: A Mahayana Scripture, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000

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