rkyang pa bare basic letter

gug kyed vowel signs

dgag sgra particle of negation

dgar dang brnan pa?i sgra particle of highlighting and emphasis

dgar sdud isolation and inclusion

rgyan sdud ornamental and inclusive particle

sngon ?jug prefix

chig shad single shad

rjes ?jug suffix

nyis shad double shad

mtha? med syllable without a suffix

de sgra pronoun particle

de nyid ?identity?

gdams ngag command

bdag po?i sgra nominalizing particle

rnam dbye grammatical case

spyi sgra indefinite particle

bod sgra vocative particle

byed sgra gentive particle

dbyangs vowel

?byung khungs ablative particle

?brel sgra connective particle

tshig bcad verse

tshe skabs temporal relation

rdzogs tshig terminative particle

zla sdud paired concluding particle

bzhi shad quadruple shad

yang ?jug post-suffix

la don la-equivalent

gsal byed consonant

slar sdud concluding particle

lhag bcas continuative particle

lhug pa prose

Thonmi Sambhota

The Wish-Fulfilling Tree by Yangchen Drubpe Dorje