bsam pa bzang na sa dang lam yang bzang/ /

bsam pa ngan na sa dang lam yang ngan/ /

thams cad bsam pa dag la rag las pas/ /

rtag par bsam pa bzang la 'bad par bya/ /

If the intentions are good, then so will be the levels and paths.

If the intentions are bad, then the levels and paths will be too.

Since everything depends on one?s intentions,

Always strive to make sure that they are positive.[i]

A Literary Gem of Poetry


dang por rgya cher thos pa mang du btsal/ /

bar du gzhung lugs thams cad gdams par shar/ /

tha mar nyin mtshan kun tu nyams su blangs/ /

kun kyang bstan pa rgyas pa'i ched du bsngos/ /

At first, seek a learning that is vast and comprehensive,

Next, take all the statements of the texts as practical advice,

Finally, take this to heart by practising by day and night.

Dedicating it all to the flourishing of the teachings.

Noble Intentions


snang ba rten 'brel bslu ba med pa dang/ /

stong pa khas len bral ba'i go ba gnyis/ /

ji srid so sor snang ba de srid du/ /

da dung thub pa'i dgongs pa rtogs pa med/ /

For as long as the understanding of appearances?unfailing interdependence?

And emptiness?the freedom from all assertions?

Appear to be in conflict, for that long

There can be no realization of ??kyamuni?s intent.

Three Principal Aspects of the Path, verse 11


[i] Note that every syllable in the Tibetan verse has the vowel a.