las las 'jig rten sna tshogs skye/ /

From karma the various worlds arise.

Treasury of Abhidharma, IV, 1


'phags pa min yang pha ma dang/ /

nad pa dang ni chos smra dang/ /

skye mtha'i byang chub sems dpa' la/ /

yon ni gzhal du med pa yin/ /

Even though they are not ?ryas,

Offerings to one?s parents or the sick,

To Dharma teachers or bodhisattvas in their final birth,

Are without measure.

Treasury of Abhidharma, IV, 118


phra rgyas spangs pa ma yin dang/ /

yul ni nye bar gnas pa dang/ /

tshul bzhin ma yin yid byed las/ /

nyon mongs rgyu na tshang ba yin/ /

Not having abandoned their subtle potential,

Being close to objects that provoke them,

And thinking in a way that is mistaken?

With these, the causes for the afflictions are complete.

Treasury of Abhidharma, V, 34


gang la bcom dang blo yis gzhan/ /

bsal na de blo mi 'jug pa/ /

bum chu bzhin du kun rdzob tu/ /

yod de don dam yod gzhan no/ /

Things which, when destroyed or mentally dissected,

Can no longer be identified by the mind,

Such as pots or water, are relative;

All else besides is ultimately existent.

Treasury of Abhidharma, VI, 4


tshul gnas thos dang bsam ldan pas/ /

sgom pa la ni rab tu sbyor/ /

Observing discipline, and having heard and contemplated the teachings,

One applies oneself intensively to meditation.

Treasury of Abhidharma, VI, 5


ston pa'i bstan pa rnam gnyis te/ /

lung dang rtogs pa'i bdag nyid do/ /

de 'dzin byed pa smra ba dang/ /

sgrub pa byed pa kho na'o/ /

The teaching of the Buddha has two aspects:

The elements of scripture and realization.

These are maintained only through teaching

And through practice.

Treasury of Abhidharma, VIII, 39


drug gis gcig car sbyar ba na/ /

phra rab rdul cha drug tu 'gyur/ /

drug po rnams ni go gcig na/ /

gong bu'ang rdul phran tsam tu 'gyur/ /

When six other particles are joined to it,

The subtle particle will have six parts.

If the six all simply converge together,

Then even compounds will be infinitesimal.

Twenty Verses


nga rgyal dang ni ma dad dang/ /

don du gnyer ba med nyid dang/ /

phyi rol rnam g.yeng nang du sdud/ /

skyo bas nyan pa dri ma yin/ /

Arrogance, lack of faith,

Lack of any interest,

Outward distraction, inward tension,

And discouragement are the six stains.

Well Explained Reasoning


nyon mongs dgra rnams ma lus 'chos pa dang/ /

ngan 'gro'i srid las skyob pa gang yin pa/ /

'chos skyob yon tan phyir na bstan bcos te/ /

gnyis po 'di dag gzhan gyi lugs la med/ /

That which subdues all the enemies, one?s own afflictions,

And guards against future existence in the lower realms,

Is called a ?treatise?, because it subdues and protects,

These two features are not found in other traditions.

Well Explained Reasoning


chos ni shes bya lam dang ni/ /

mya ngan 'das dang yid kyi yul/ /

bsod nams tshe dang gsung rab dang/ /

'byung 'gyur nges dang chos lugs la'o/ /

Dharma means something knowable, the path,

Nirv?na, a mental object,

Merit, life, excellent teaching,

A conditioned thing, regulation and religion.

Well Explained Reasoning


mdo don smra bar 'dod rnams la/ /

man ngag cung zhig sbyin par bya/ /

de la man ngag 'di yin te/ /

dgos pa bsdus pa'i don bcas dang/ /

tshig don bcas dang mtshams sbyor bcas/ /

brgal lan bcas te bsnyad par bya/ /

Those who wish to teach the meaning of the s?tras,

Should be offered a few words of practical advice.

The practical instruction I refer to is as follows:

Relate the teaching?s purpose and its basic theme,

The meaning of the words and the logic of their sequence,

And offer a response to any possible objections.

Well Explained Reasoning